• Their money’s on Tom Rodriguez

    Tom Rodriguez is TV’s newest game show host

    Tom Rodriguez is TV’s newest game show host

    Sought after TV and movie actor Tom Rodriguez is not running out of something new to offer his audience any time soon.

    Why so?  Well, the dashing leading man who first caught the public eye as part of 2009’s Pinoy Big Brother Double Up edition on ABS-CBN is about to embark on a very different project come Monday, September 22.

    His nightly exposure on his current home studio GMA Network will be nothing like his comedic and dramatic hit gay roles in Be Careful With My Heart (ABS-CBN) and My Husband’s Lover (GMA), respectively.  He will do no acting but will simply be himself as a game show host a German franchise titled Don’t Lose the Money.

    “Sobrang nakaka-excite dahil this will be my first time to host a game show. Aside from the challenges for the competing teams, Don’t Lose The Money aims to inspire viewers na maging mas ma-diskarte so they can achieve their goals in life,” said Tom during a tête-à-tête with entertainment writers on Tuesday.

    Popular in Europe, Don’t Lose the Money features two competing teams, with three members each.  The contest rules are detailed by www.live-production.tv as follows: At the beginning of the show . . .  the contestants are given a large amount of cash and the goal of getting as much of the money as possible through a game course. The contestants try to move as many bundles of money as possible to the respective finish area of the physically demanding game, because each bill and bundle that hits the floor is irrevocably lost. The contestants may only keep the cash that they bring safely into the finish area.”

    Asked why management decided to give Tom the responsibility of hosting the network’s newest game show, senior vice president for Entertainment Lilybeth Rasonable told The Manila Times, “We’ve seen him in his segments in Sunday All Stars [the network’s weekly noontime variety program], and he comes across as a very good host.

    He is also very energetic, charming and has a good grasp of both English and Filipino—everything that makes for a good game show host.”

    Admitting that it is a gamble to put an actor in such a different environment, Rasonable said she is nonetheless confident Tom will step up to the challenge.

    “I mean who knew Tom could sing?” she enthused. “We fell in love with his acting when he auditioned for My Husband’s Lover, but what we love all the more about him is that he always surprises us with more facets to his talent and personality.”

    Hoping Tom will turn out to be another Ryan Agoncillo, who is one of the country’s few skilled game show hosts, Rasonable’s optimism over Tom’s performance clearly shows that the big bosses’ money is on the handsome Filipino-American.

    Directed by Mark Reyes, Don’t Lose the Money airs Monday to Friday after Basta Every Day Happy.


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