Monopolizing history, reifying Marcos as evil and deifying the Aquinos as heroes



PUBLIC Attorneys Office Chief Persida Acosta became the object of criticism during her interview with the Judicial and Bar Council when she was asked about the Marcos burial, and for which she was woefully unprepared. But lost in the publicized dressing-down that she got was the eyebrow-raising demeanor of her tormentor, Retired Associate Justice Angelina Sandoval-Gutierrez herself. The retired justice did not hide her strong position against the Marcos burial and her agreement with the view of Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio in his dissenting opinion on the case,where he argued that Marcos was in fact dishonorably discharged from military service.

Marcos loyalists have always been accused of historical revisionism.

But it looks like Justices Carpio and Sandoval-Gutierrezarealso guilty of blatantly revising history by interpreting the ouster of Marcos in 1986 as akin to a dishonorable discharge.

Their argument stands on shaky ground. They argue that Marcos is part of the military as President, in being its Commander in Chief, and hence his ouster was a form of dishonorable discharge. This opinion reeks of judicial activism, and reveals a kind of logic that can only lead to ridiculous implications.

Any dictionary definition of dishonorable discharge refers to it as being handed down by the military after a conviction in a general court-martial. It requires that the military is the one that makes the decision after due process, and not any other court, or more so, the people.

We cannot consider the first EDSA as akin to due process contemplated in a military court-martial. Furthermore, to argue that the President, as Commander in Chief, is part of the military can only but beg the question that he can also be court-martialed, which he cannot.

Justice Sandoval-Gutierrez was also emphatic in saying that the people dishonorably discharged President Marcos. This is another problematic claim, for it would make us believe that those who participated in the first EDSA constituted the totality of the Filipino “people.” Sandoval-Gutierrez even insisted that it is not a political question, but a well-established fact, in the same manner that she made a sweeping legal edict that Marcos is guilty of committing crimes involving moral turpitude, even if records show that there is no court that finally convicted Marcos of such kinds of crimes.

Furthermore, to imply that EDSA is a form of military discharge would mean forcing history to judge it as a purely military rebellion. This view is patently revisionist on its face, as it will divest the“people power revolution” of its “people.”

But the elites do not see it that way. Views like those of Justices Carpio and Sandoval-Gutierrez are not seen as revisionist. It is only those attempts to set the record straight that would benefit the Marcoses, even as they would serve truth, that are condemned as revisionist.

History has now been monopolized and its writing hijacked by a discourse dominated by hatred towards the Marcoses.

The Marcos critics have elevated a kind of history where Marcos and the Marcos era are pure evil. The state at the time, and all its organs, were seen as mechanically acting at the behest of the dictator. There is a palpable attempt to deny the narratives of this problematic period in our nation’s history the complexity that it truly possessed. Only the narratives of the victims are considered as legitimate stories. There is no attempt to inquire into the human agencies involved in their victimization. Instead, what is deployed is the convenient and bureaucratic principle of command responsibility. Marcos is being judged as the architect, and thus the blood of every desaparecido is on his hands. This is a convenient narrative inremembering the pain, but not useful inmaking an accurate historical accounting of culpability.

It is this narrative that condemns Marcos even as Fidel Ramos, who in fact had a more direct hand in enforcing the rule of terror, not only escapes culpability, but even has the audacity to demand that the Marcoses should apologize to the people for the crimes in which hehimself had an active part.

History, as written by a dominantly anti-Marcos post-martial law academia, effectively denied martial law the nuances that one has to apply in interpreting such a complex period. Marcos has been denied historicity, or in academic jargon, he has been reified. He has been confined to a black-and-white narrative that reduced the period into simply a battle between the evil Marcoses and the good Aquinos.

In this context, it is considered taboo to extricate the Marcos narrative from this reification for such would constitute historical revisionism.

History in this context was monopolized by the elites, even as the Aquino bloodline was elevated to the position of demi-gods, deified and almost worshipped. Like all those who took part in the victimization, they also escape objective scrutiny for their culpability in the complex history of oppression which the Filipinos experienced under the cacique class to which they belong.


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  1. I hope Sir Contreras will write about the historical facts (real and factual) about the role of the Americans, Amboy Ramos and Opportunist Enrile what happened starting with the Aquino assassination (?) up to the election of Noynoy as smartmatic president of the Philippines. It would be enlightening. As to the Yellows, hypocrites as ever. Wala na pagasa magbago ang pagiging mediocre and infantile

  2. antonio Tobalona on

    1.) Cory Aquino was not duly elected president by the Filipino people. She was proclaimed illegally by the elites and oligarchs in connivance with Fidel Ramos, Juan Ponce Enrile and Cardinal Sin.

    2) Cory Aquino was most likely a closet communist who illegally released JoMa Sison from prison

    3) Benigno Aquino’s assassination was not planned nor ordered by Marcos, but by his enemies – The Communists. He returned to Manila alone to inform Marcos of the plot. His father was a convicted WWII Makapili or traitor.

    4. The EDSA Revolution was perpetuated by the Communists.

    5. Marcos if he was a dictator or evil could easily destroy and killed EDSA revolution.

    6. Marcos was kidnapped from Malacanang. If he was brought to Ilocos, the history could have been different.

  3. Diyus diyusan pala ang mga Aquino? Ngayon ko lang nalaman. Your credibility has been shot to me ever since I got wind of your expulsion from UPLB on the charges of plagiarism.

    Not to mention your articles make just as much sense as your dumb photo of the typhoon casualties with the presidents in charge. As well as your failed statistical analysis of the elections with David Yap. You are a sensationalist and spotlight hungry idiot posing as an academician via your eloquence.

    All your past degrees and academic accolades have gone straight through your head.

    • eh ikaw diyos mo ang aquino gago! yung mga aquino nayanang mga tunay na manlulupig ng tao. Tingnan mo ang nangyari sa Hcienda Luisita. Bakit hindi kayo magdakdak tungkol doon. yung mga farmers na pinagbabaril sa mendiola sa rehimeng cory, bakit hindi kayo magdakdak. walang pinababaril noong martial law na mga aktibista. sa panahon ni cory may na massacre pa. Walang koneksyon ang academic background ng writer dito sa sinulat niya.

    • Diosdado napaka tanga mo. Gago ang parehong pamilya kaya pwede ba, wag ka na mag feeling feelingan jan punyeta ka. Hindi ako supporter ng Aquino. Mas lalo na sa mga Marcos.

      Walang nabari at nasaktan na aktibista? Baka gusto mo mag bigay ng reference sa pinagsasabi mo? Dinadakip nila at tinotorture mga tao, maraming naglaho. Interviewhin mo si Lino Brocka at sina Colmenares. Natorture sila at marami namatay sa regime ng mga Marcos.

      Kaya nga nagkaron ng republic act no. 10368 e. Para sa mga biktima ng Martial Law.

      Walang kinalaman background ng writer sa sinulat nya? LOL? Dapat pag may sasabihin ka, marunong ka mag fact check hindi yung sabi ka lang ng kung ano anong pumasok sa isip mo. Ni isang reference wala ako nakita dito kay Contreras sa mga pinagsasasabe nya.

      And based on previous evidence like I said above (Fail statistical analysis, falsely dichotomous ‘facts’), malamang katangahan nanaman ‘tong pinagsasabe nya.

  4. In Europe after WW2. the German generals left behind and arrested by the Allied forces faced trial in Hague and were convicted and punished. Likewise in Asia, the Japanese Generals who surrendered were tried and some were hanged as their punishment. Meanwhile, in the Philippines the alleged victims of Martial Law only blames Pres Marcos and not even one of his Generals is included in any charge sheets. This is very funny because Fidel Ramos who is the head of the military component of Martial Law and its jurisdiction is the one being charge with abuses is scot-free from any charges and was even elected to the Presidency of the Republic. If there are really military abuses as alleged, then why is the EXECUTIONER Fidel V. Ramos exempted from any charges? Can JusticesnCarpio, Sereno, Leonen and Sandoval-Reyes answer this query?

  5. The elite will be threatened by this article. For they thought that Marcos supporters are stupid and shallow. Go on Mr. Contreras by exposing these hypocrites to its fullest!

  6. Why the Yellows and Reds are not accusing Enrile and Ramos???? because, once these Y&R touch them, their lies will be exposed. So, it is win-win solution don’t touch my past and I will not touch your future.

  7. Nakakatawa e si Sereno, against daw sya in good conscience. haha! Pero alam na alam nya na sinuhulan mga senador nang DAP nang amo nynag si Pnoy para matanggal si Corona. Tapos tatanggapin mo pwesto? Good Conscience my foot!

  8. It is really funny to hear a Supreme Court justice saying an extra constitutional removal of a president is legal. EDSA 1 was coup d’etat plain and simple.

  9. It is unbelievable that no one has ever asked Ramos and Enrile their actual participation during the Martial Law years.

    Ramos has come out with numerous books yet has not made any account on his role during Martial Law. Ramos is one of the most credible living witness to what transpired during Martial Law.

    Was there any atrocities and order given to him by Marcos?

  10. I agree with the author 100% Thanks Mr. Contreras for this insightful article. It’s too obvious to me that the yellows are the ones who have been revising history and not the Marcos supporters. Sooner or later, truth will come to a better light and will set us free especially for those who’d love to embrace real freedom from deception. It’s the type of truth that is balance, objective, fair and will benefit the entire country; one that will not unduly favor only a select few like the yellows. PD30 and people like you are leading the way.

  11. Oh God, when will you cure the near-dead brain cells of the Aquino’s and their minions? They’re creating havoc in the Philippines. Their illusion of owning the republic is super duper killing the law abiding citizens. Please guide them to their rightful place – Satan’s.

  12. It is a fact that the yellows has in their possession billions or maybe trillions of US dollars thus the influence, after all they have stayed in power for 30 years, but I doubt this time that they’ll find it hard to bring down the present government (using the dreaded CIA again) now that both China and Russia are both in full support of President Duterte. Now I have no doubt that Duterte is a genius aside being street smart.

    • Lenia Hetherington on

      Fidel Ramos was in charged with the Philippine constabulary in those days, and he be blame for the atrocities committed by the police. Fidel Ramos is a man is full of hatred and envy against the Marcos family because of their good accomplishment for the country. This man do not have a good legacy to leave behind for the sake of his descendants. What a shame, what a pity for a pathetic man.

  13. One critical piece of history that has been prevented from being included in the textbooks is the story of the Katipunan Treasurer, Gen. Antonio Luna, his then pregnant girlfriend Ysidra Cojuangco, and the huge treasury of the Philippine revolution (government) in gold and precious stones. After Luna was assassinated by the Kawit Company of Emilio Aguinaldo this treasure was never found by Aguinaldo or the Americans who eventually succeeded in their bloody colonization of the Philippines. From a woman pregnant out of wedlock, Ysidra Cojuangco became the richest woman in the country. An important artifact is Gen. Luna’s handwritten letter mentioning his trips to the Cojuangco residence in Paniqui, Tarlac. This letter was in the National Library for several decades until Cory Aquino became president and then it mysteriously disappeared. Cory Aquino, the yellows and oligarchs are the ones who have been manipulating history to keep the Filipinos blind to reality.

    • Jaime Dela Cruz on

      You don’t say. An unmarried pregnant Ysidra Cojuangco? like the ancestor of Kris? This cannot be. But this family are bloodline of saints aren’t they? :-)

  14. It’s a game both families play (and the shadowy oligarchs behind them). That’s all. If there had been no Marcos vs Aquino narrative, another group of upper class opportunists would do the same show. And the suckers are, as usual the rest of us poor schmucks who look at it like a twisted sports event; rooting for either one of this bastards as if one won’t do to the other the same dastardly deed had the opportunity presented itself. Bottom line, we are all Filipinos. Tribal to the core. Our loyalties belong to our immediate tribe and ourselves, nothing more. There is no sense of national pride because there is none. No achievement as a group. Nothing to show for other than the rich pool of human labor we churn out everyday as serfs for more developed nations. I don’t view Duterte as a problem solver but I believe his stance on EVERYTHING will be a catalyst into some sort of change. About time we had a little variety in terms managerial input in this shithole that’s not an immediate member of either families.

  15. Maribel A. Calanda on

    I could not fathom why the supposed intellectual elite has so much hate for the intelligent, visionary, charming and caring president this country has ever had. President Marcos to me is simply the best. It was Ramos and Enrile, both implementor and administrator of Martial Law who masterminded the arrest of the students-activities and the blood-thirsty reds. Ramos should be the first to apologize and yet he wanted the former First Lady to apologize because according to the senile and infidel Ramos as the late Senator Miriam would call him, Imelda Marcos knew everything. He is talking crazy! How can a civilian knew everything that is purely police and military operation? He even suggested that the Marcos children apologize to the nation as if these children had something to do with the declaration of Martial Law. He is the one even disrespecting the SC by saying the SC committed a mistake for allowing the Marcos burial and he even supports the call for the exhumation of the body of Marcos. If he were not a kin of Marcos, I would understand him. Marcos loved the Ramos family so much that on the day of Narciso Ramos’ interment, former President Marcos rose from sick bay, attended and walked the funeral procession. This is according to the former First Lady, Imelda Marcos. The old warrior even had the teremity and gall to castigate President Duterte in public, lecturing him on how to run his government and if his advice is not well taken, Ramos resorted to criticism of the young Duterte administration. The noisy Yellowtards and the Reds were outsmarted by making the funeral a private family matter. The AFP has given President Marcos full military honors. I am glad that there are still those in the AFP who remembered him and loved him as their former Commander-In-Chief and again to the great dismay of Ramos.This retard is getting crazy really. He is always wearing a hat that symbolizes his PC uniform. The Reds and Yellows should confront him instead of human rights violation. To me, I see that as an insult to the many human rights victims but these Communists victims are turning away their eyes at Ramos and fixated them at Marcos because they thought Marcos has the wealth alone and Ramos has none. Etta Rosales and her ilk at one point sought an audience with Mrs Marcos regarding the rewards of the victims which Mrs Marcos sympathetically said that the money is no longer with them but with the government. The money is held in escrow and there are conditions to be met as defined by the judge of the Hawaii court such as a judgement that Marcos was convicted criminally before a court of law in the Philippines and there is none so far because how can you convict a dead man who can no longer defend himself. I know in my heart that God in his forgiving ways has placed Ferdinand Marcos’ remains in a place where he truly deserved under the sun. I know that God in his mighty hand will not allow the mortal body of the dead to be desecrated by a few noisy Yellow and Red cults combined. To Ramos and his cohorts- you better uphold the law and move forward. Civil war will erupt really if your evil plans will prevail. The loyalists have been silent for long despite the demonization of their idol by the Aquinos’ cult. They were silent but deep inside their hearts Marcos is a hero. The Marcos era is the golden era in Philippine politics, The New York Times said so not the loyalists and this made BS Aquino worry a lot to the point of frustrating the people’s will.

  16. this is such a well written article, too bad the good Aquinos won’t read it because they cannot get off their high horse. The self righteous Yellows are so numb and indifferent to the sufferings of the people at large. If Daang Matuwid was truly straight, Rodrigo Duterte would not be President of the Republic today.

    • Avila in another column today said that when Roxas gave way to Aquino for the presidency in 2010 inspite of the fact that Aquino did nothing as congressman and senator thus unfit to become pressident, he termed this as an “entitlement” because he is an Aquino. It is ironic that his first and only good policy that would have paved his “daang matuwid” was the “no wang wang” policy, because wang wang is an ENTITLEMENT. What a president! And we deserved it because people elected an “entitled” Aquino. I hope the Bam Aquino is not another entilement! Tingnan ninyo how this gouy try to get that wang-wang by having his haircut and eyeglasses resemble those Benigno Aquino Sr.

    • Jaime Dela Cruz on

      I am sure they have someone paid to read every article written about them. And they have an army of writers whose job it is to perpetuate the evil that they play on the Pilipino people.

    • Well said Mr Balido, if only the aquino’s are true in their hearts and deeds to serve the filipino never will PD30 be the winner. Credit is due to the writer, congratulations Mr Contreras, keep on writing, i love your column.