Monumental corruption meets cynicism and sanctimony


As an additional comment on priests having received dirty money from Napoles, and now that the priests know that these financial support came from illicit source, would they still continue staying in that retirement house at Magallanes village, knowing that Napoles, their benefactor, own the house and is in hiding? Out of delicadeza and so as not to be considered accessories-after-the-fact, they should give up that retirement house and stop receiving donations coming from Napoles!



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  1. We can leave millions of critisizm , but sorry to say Philippines is a hopless case, where elected and appointed politicians old and new in their position, will keep stealing and looting the country’s wealth, it is a fact corruption is deep inside their bone.

  2. They should. Nonoy should be like his father or do something about the root of corruption caused by pork barrel.