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Theme for 2016: Efficient Execution for Inclusive Business

The MAP believes that improving the ease of doing business in the Philippines will contribute in attracting local and foreign investments, creating more jobs, and ensuring inclusive growth.

The MAP will therefore continue to push for reforms and policies that are geared towards capitalizing on disruptive technologies and fostering an enabling business environment, particularly in advocating for practical business solutions to surmount the many challenges our society faces.

As a catalyst for management excellence for nation-building, the MAP will work with its members and will partner with other business organizations, the government and civil society in conducting programs that promote good governance, global competitiveness and sustainable development to uplift the lives of Filipinos.

MAP’s strategic thrust
Member Benefits Advocacies for:
– Good Governance
– Global Competitiveness
– Inclusive and Sustainable Growth
– Climate Change
Programs for Management Excellence

Member Benefits
MAP enhances MEMBER BENEFITS by inviting knowledgeable speakers who can enlighten MAP members on important and current issues during the monthly MAP general membership meetings and the MAP CEO Academy’s management development fora.

The MAP CEO Academy and the MAP Speakers Bureau provide members with the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise and to learn from their fellow MAP members.

MAP provides networking opportunities that enable MAP members to get to know and interact with one another.

For international networking, MAP continues to be a member of AAMO, the Asian Association of Management Organizations, which is association countries include Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

MAP pursues Advocacies for Good Governance, Global Competitiveness, Inclusive and Sustainable Growth, and Climate Change.

MAP continues to support the Integrity Initiative which aims to promote integrity and accountability in business. MAP urges its members to expressly commit to ethical business practices and good corporate governance through the Integrity Pledge.

MAP calls on its members to steadfastly adhere to the highest ethical standards, and good governance principles, and actively enforce a culture of integrity in their organization, while courageously confronting the growing complexity of managing businesses in an ever challenging environment.

MAP against corruption by managing their businesses ethically and with integrity, paying the right taxes at the right time, taking care of all their stakeholders and the environment, not tolerating bribery, among others.

MAP urges its members to abide by the MAP Code of Ethics.

Programs for Management Excellence
MAP’s Programs for Management Excellence include the annual search for MAP Management Man of the Year, the Annual MAP International CEO Conference, the Annual Corporate Governance Workshop, the MAP CEO Academy’s management development fora, among others.


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