More accounts of Communist Party trial testimonies


    Part 5

    IT’s been a rewarding experience to have written this piece. I am particularly gratified by the hundreds upon hundreds of likes generated by this article which serve to confirm the correctness of the many perceptions expressed herein. I did get a few negative comments but compared to positive ones, the adverse reactions don’t even constitute a pittance. It is with an exquisite feeling of being fulfilled in my motivations for writing about that otherwise terribly misrepresented episode in our nation’s history that I now conclude this article with another excerpt from a hearing.

    Excerpt from minutes of the october 18 hearing

    MR. ALMENDRAL: … Kinaumagahan ay isang maghapon na naman iyong pa(g)lilitis pa rin.

    THE CHAIRMAN: Anong oras nag-umpisa nang kinaumagahan?

    MR. ALMENDRAL: Pagkakain lang ho ng agahan.

    THE CHAIRMAN: Mga anong oras iyon?

    MR. ALMENDRAL: Siguro po mga alas otso, alas nuebe nag-umpisa na ulit. Pagkatapos ay pagdating ng hapon, kalagitnaan ng hapon, ay ubos na ang lahat ng pali-paliwanag ay hiningian na lang si Ka Cris ng huling salita niya kung ano ang kanyang magiging paliwanag. At nagsalita iyong tao. Ang sinabi niya, “Kailan man ay hindi ako magtra-traidor sa partido. Sa katunayan, bilang patunay sa aking katapatan sa partido, ay mayroong isang napakaselan na gawain na itinalaga sa akin ng mga namumunong kasama na hindi ko mababanggit kung ano iyong gawain na iyon.”

    THE CHAIRMAN: At pagkatapos niyang masabi iyan, ano ang naging reaction nuong mga nandoon sa hukuman?

    MR. ALMENDRAL: Noong masabi niya iyan, iyong isang naka-upo doon sa bandang harapan na may hawak na carbine, si Ka Ambo, ay nagsalita siya. Ang sabi niyang ganyan, “Niloloko mo yata kami, e. Ano iyong sinasabi mong misyon-misyon, e, hindi mo mapapatunayan iyan.”

    Ngayon, bilang presiding, si Ka Peters naman binigyan niya ng instruksyon si Ka Cris na, “Sige, ipaliwanag mo kung ano iyong misyon na ‘yon.”

    Nag-isip ng kaunti si Ka Cris, pagkatapos sinabi niya, “Ako ang naghagis ng… ako ang isa sa naghagis ng granada sa Plaza Miranda.”

    Di, dahil ako wala akong kaalaman tungkol doon at buo nga iyong kaalaman ko, paniwala ko noon na si Marcos ang may kinalaman sa pagbomba ng Plaza Miranda, nagulat ako noon, at palagay ko ganoon din ang naging epekto sa napakarami doon sa kagrupohan.

    Walang nagsalita. Kahit si Ka Peters sa pagka-ala-ala ko hindi pa siya unang kumibo, at sinundan pa ni Ka Cris ‘yong kanyang salita.      Sabi niya: “Sa katunayan”, sabi n’ya “nandito sa kapulungang ito ang isa pa sa kasama ko doon sa Plaza Miranda. Hindi ko babanggitin ang pangalan n’ya, kung gusto niyang tumayo para patotohanan ang aking sinasabi, bibigyan ko siya ng ilang minuto.

    Di tahimik na tahimik na ganyan, wala ring tumayo. Hindi naglaon, nagsalita na ulit si Ka Peters at sinabi niya na na “ayon sa….” Una, sinabi n’ya, tawagin na lang nating PMB, Plaza Miranda Bombing.”

    THE CHAIRMAN: Sinong nagsabi n’yan? Sino?”

    MR. ALMENDRAL: Si Ka Peters po. “Tawagin na lang nating PMB,” dahil nga sa laki ng – aywan ko kung anong dahilan nila, pero tinawag nilang PMB at tinawag na nga naming PMB ‘yon noon, dahil sabi n’ya, “Itong PMB ay tinukoy ng partido na kagagawan ni Marcos. Kung tinutukoy mo na kagagawan ng partido ‘yan ay isang panibagong usapin iyan.”

    Doon sa bagay na ‘yon, hindi na dinagdagan ni Ka Cris ‘yong kanyang pananalita tungkol sa Plaza Miranda at doon na rin natapos, humigit kumulang ‘yong usapin ng pagtatanggol n’ya sa sarili n’ya.


    Questions from Jose Maria Sison

    In the Senate hearings, Jose Maria Sison was given the right to shoot questions which were amply accomplished by his counsel, Atty. Romeo Capulong. But the questions needed to be submitted first to the joint committees for asking, consonant to Senate rules, by the Chairman himself.

    In the October 25 hearing, Almendral reiterated his stand on the Plaza Miranda bombing and to a question by Jose Maria Sison, he made a stirring repartee.

    “Okay,” said the Chairman, “The next question. You denounced the CPP/NPA and its leaders particularly Jose Maria Sison in your statement of February 17, 1984. Would it be correct to say, since this date you have declared war against this revolutionary movement and its leaders and vowed to do the best you can to crush this movement. Are you now working or cooperating with the Philippine military, any public official or any other person or group, local or foreign, whose duty, interest or political objective is to crush the Philippine insurgency?”

    Although he betrayed hurt sensitivities and a long-lurking exquisite pain within him that needed to be outed, Almendral nonetheless answered in high-bred fashion, succeeding in boomeranging the intended damage of the question while clearly demonstrating the man’s sincerity and purity of intentions.

    He said, “If somebody from the right wing did Plaza Miranda, and I knew about it, sir, I will speak against it, sir, and I will lay down my life to testify on that question, sir. It so happened that this Joma Sison is affiliated, sir, with the CPP and presents an idea that he is a communist, sir, but it is not as an anti-communist that I stand before this body nor is it as an anti-communist that I present that statement of denouncing Jose Maria Sison and the bombers of Plaza Miranda, sir. It is the act and the crime of Plaza Miranda that is the thing that I’m questioning, sir. And, you know, sir, they had a favorite saying that Marcos was the best recruiter of the NPA, sir. I think think in the Philippines, the best agent of the CIA is Joma Sison, sir, because what he has done is, he has created a polarization of the Philippine society especially through the Plaza Miranda bombing, and he should be answerable for that crime, sir.”


    Quite intriguingly, CARMMA makes no mention at all about the Plaza Miranda bombing.
    This makes its intention suspect. If you can recall the relatively hidden element of Bongbong’s appointment as chairman of the Philippine Communication Satellite Corporation (PHILCOMSAT) and as such being given a monthly salary of “anywhere between $9,700 to $97,000 (what a fantastic play-safe, a differential of tens of thousands of dollars!), how can you omit the terror of Plaza Miranda when it used to be a favorite whip of Ninoy in his attacks against Marcos. Or have they, as had quite a number already, come to realize that by exposing what actually was a handiwork of Ninoy, they would have to admit that the martial law sparked at the onset by the Plaza Miranda bombing was in effect Ninoy’s evil deed.


    Somebody, a respected member of the Fourth Estate, lives to this day to contribute his own testimony. He was a confidant of Ninoy and was onstage in Plaza Miranda in the LP rally that night of August 21, 1971 when he got a radio message from Ninoy.

    “I’ve been looking for you. Nasaan ka?” went the call from Ninoy.

    “Narito ako sa ibabaw ng stage.”

    “Stage! Sa Plaza Miranda?”


    “Anong ginagawa mo diyan? Bumaba ka diyan. Bilis!”

    And the guy, getting last instructions from Ninoy, “Kita tayo sa Hilton,” hurried off the stage and hied off to the appointed place.

    Thanks to Ninoy he escaped the rest that was history.


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    1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of what really transpired in those days.
      The communist ideals destroyed not only the innocent people but also those who were involved then and our country…
      The sad fact remains, that we have made up our minds on who is/was to blame without looking for the truth.
      I am praying that we have learned from the past.

    2. Thanks for the internet to the social media that all filipino now is aware an truly finds what is happening in the past which not available before this to elaborate that history must not been written in school text book instead become available in all social media for them to balance the past and current events of political system and the identity of each players

    3. How dirty politics in the Philippines ! Power struggle , road to being rich, power hungry politicians and total evil. I wander what will they do with all the money and or popularly ? What is really important is food in our table, clothes in our back and roof above our head. I really wander why people do evil deeds? Can somebody educate me on this. I am a 63 year old senior and to this date, I do not know the answer.

    4. I was one of those disillusioned by Ninoy. Your articles confirm that it is but right that i should. He and his family, for bad things they did and good things that they did not do or should have done, are the reasons why people are having a second look at the Marcoses!

    5. I hope and pray that more truth shall come out from people who are still living and holding the true identity of ninoy aquino.
      Filipino people were made to believe that he was a hero.

    6. its very sad that up to this day these yellow people to hide their evilness still blame the long dead president. they know who killed ninoy pero di nila ilinalabas para lahat ng kapalpakan nila iblame nila kay marcos.

    7. Thank you Mr. Samonte, now we know. Like many of us, I have been dupe by this false hero…

    8. Both Senators Ilarde and Salonga (God bless their souls) might already have accepted the fact that Ninoy indeed was behind the PMB but decided to just keep such acceptance in their hearts. Sad to say it was easy for Ninoy to do that PMB thing considering that his father was accused of treason during WW2. I mean its in the blood. I still remember LT Corpuz upon his return to the military who said in an interview, after Marcos exile, that during his stint with the NPA he was a witness of communist meeting/s at the Hacienda Luisita. Understandably why Cory, in her first act as President, released Joma Sison & Commander Dante from military custody in the pretext that she wanted unity. It took many years for our military then to capture Joma and Commander Dante yet it took Cory only a day to release them.

    9. Amnata Pundit on

      In the 50s, the Philippine communists led by the Lavas and Luis Taruc announced that they will back Russia in case a war broke out between that country and America. Just recently, Netherlands-based communist Supremo Joma Sison said he is backing the American position vs China in the South China Sea situation. Why would somebody who calls himself a Maoist do this? Im sure the CIA knows the answer to that question. Why does the NPA never attack the politicians who craft all these western- backed policies that contribute to the exploitation of the people? Im sure the CIA knows the answer to that one too. The Russians call the war against Assad of Syria a western-backed terror campaign. The Americans back the BBL that the MILF is pushing the Boy Sayad administration to adopt. They were also a major backer of the MOA-AD with the MILF under GMA that was junked by the Supreme Court at the last minute. Can we therefore call the war that MILF has been waging against the state an American-backed terror campaign too? Why does Amerika always come to the defense of the NPA by throwing the issue of human rights every time the defenders of the state, namely our soldiers, touch as little as the hair of these terrorists, something these Americans have never done to Israel every time that country shows the world how to violate human rights of the Palestinians? Why are practically all NPA-allied leftist NGOs financed by America? Can we also call this 40 year old NPA insurgency an American-backed terror campaign? Again, Im sure the CIA knows the answer to all these questions. Why is the Maoist leader Joma in “self-exile” in the Netherlands instead of China? Ask the CIA.

    10. Thank you for writing the truth. Ninoy Aquino was NOT a hero as the Yellow horde claims him to be. He was a traitor, a scoundrel who got what he deserved on August 21, 1983.

    11. George F Guillermo on

      Mr Samonte, the country owe you so much with your writings as the “Truth shall set us Free” from all the lies and deception of evil people that ultimately led the country/people to a wrong decision much more of electing wrong leaders to govern the country. Further, the lies and deception of the people controlling the country have cultivated a culture of “hate & vindictiveness” against their targets and enemies. Now, with your sincere effort and love of country, they are now “exposed” to the “light” you have created which surely guide us to the “truth” which you shared that set us free. Mabuhay po kayo at maraming salamat Mr Samonte. GOD BLESS…!

    12. Indeed, I learned that truth in the 80s when someone told me that it was their group who threw that grenade. Henceforth, I started to question my partisan leanings and started to analyze what martial law was all about. Then, I knew then it was all a power play – all in the pursuit of benigno sr.’s megalomanic quest for the presidency and the imposition of martial law was Marcos’ way of countering the posturings of benigno sr. and his cohorts. The rest are all collateral damage of that war.

      With the postcript, it further reinforces my belief that at that time, the Fourth Estate has become captive to the blabberings of benigno sr. and hence, Marcos was justified to put so many newspapermen under detention. In their desire to gain a “scoop” and increase circulation, the media further exacerbated their attacks on Marcos as they were all under the employ of the oligarch during those years. It is just unfortunate and pathetic that up to now, many presumptuous writers and pseudo journalists still toe the line of benigno sr. which have been been tailored for the cyberage by the Malloch Cabal. Some even get humored with awards and grants to write books just to continue to write their inane spiels – altho I grant that they have to earn their bread and butter.

    13. I was awed at Ninoy’s speech at a hotel in Los Angeles many years back when he said ” I will dedicate the last drop of my blood in the restoration of freedom and the dismantlement of Martial Law”. Now I truly have doubts about the true nature of Ninoy.

    14. I was awed at Ninoy’s speech at a hotel in Los Angeles many years back when he said ” I will dedicate the loadstone drop of my blood in the restoration of freedom and the dismantlement of Martial Law”. Now I truly have doubts about the true nature of Ninoy.

    15. Pumutok na! pumutok na ! thus said Ninoy at their meeting place in Hilton after the blast of Plaza Miranda bombing according to the military version during his trial.This guy,as you mentioned is a respected member of the Fourth whom Ninoy saved from the carnage, Is he around Jovy Salonga’s funeral ?

    16. silvino sarga on

      Thanks for illuminating on this blame game episode of Philippine politics and history. Hopefully new leaders will emerge and rectify the demonisation of Pres. Marcos as a leader during those years of upheavals.

      We are glorifying,
      heaping praises
      to double-faced leaders
      who distorted our history.

      the wrong people

    17. “Somebody, a respected member of the Fourth Estate, lives to this day to contribute his own testimony.”

      Sino kaya ito, si Eddie Ilarde kaya na kumpare ni Ninoy Aquino? pero biktima rin si Eddie Ilarde ng Plaza Miranda bombing at tinamaan siya ng granada.

      ang pinsan naman ni Ninoy na si Eva Estrada-Kalaw ay biktima rin ng Plaza Miranda bombing. hindi naman yata siya member of the Fourth Estate.

      Hindi naman puwede si Jovito Salonga, na lawyer at mentor ni Ninoy, dahil biktima rin si Salonga ng Plaza Miranda bombing and he was the most injured among the victims.

      Hindi naman din puwede sina John Osmena, Ramon Mitra, Ramon Bagatsing, Genaro Magsaysay, Gerry Roxas, Sergio Osmena, dahil biktima rin sila ng Plaza Miranda bombing at hindi sila member of the Fourth Estate.

      Sino kaya itong member of the Fourth Estate? Si Roger “Bomba” Arrienda kaya? Si Teddy Boy Locsin? Soc Rodrigo? Sino kaya?

    18. Jerome Suarez on

      Plaza Miranda Bombing incident is enough proof that Ninoy is not a hero but a collaborator with the Communists or perhaps a Communist himself.

      Thank God that little by little the Truth is being exposed.