More exercises of cruelty


THE Sandiganbayan’s decision to order the suspension of Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for 90 days has once more given an opportunity to politically obsessed and hate-consumed Filipinos to commit cruelty.

Mrs. Arroyo is under hospital arrest in the Veterans Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City for plunder. The Sandiganbayan ordered her suspension because she is facing graft charges in connection with the scandalous proposed $329-million National Broadband Network-ZTE deal with China. The former president, however, stopped the project when allegations surfaced that Philippine officials were exacting huge kickbacks from the state-owned China telecoms corporation.

The Sandiganbayan Fourth Division’s decision to order the former president’s suspension was not—we think–part of the Aquino administration’s orchestrated campaign to physically and morally hurt the person of Mrs. Arroyo.

We don’t agree with the former president’s husband, Atty. Mike Arroyo, who, according to an ABS-CBN News report by R. G. Cruz, speculated about the timing of the Sandiganbayan’s move to order Rep. Arroyo’s suspension. “It seems they had to do that to cover up the DAP (Disbursement Acceleration Program) loss [or did he say "news”]today, and to lay the premise for the suspension of the senators.”

The motion of the Ombudsman to have Mrs. Arroyo suspended was filed two years ago. And it seems to be about time now for the justices to decide on that motion. Besides, we would rather hope that the justices of the Sandiganbayan are trying to retain their self-respect and image as persons of probity. They would not allow themselves to become stooges of President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd. They would, therefore, also not make rulings in collaboration with Malacañang schemes–such as to lay the premise for the suspension of the indicted senators who are all non-Liberal Party and non-Aquino allies.

Deplorable reactions of pro-Aquino people
We deplore, however, the reactions of pro-Aquino propagandists and PNoy fans. The news of the Sandiganbayan’s order against Congresswoman Arroyo gave them another opportunity to commit more exercises of cruelty in the social media. Many commenters heaped curses on the seriously ill former president. The most barbaric said “Dapat patayin na iyan.” But there were some who, commendably, reminded the others that Mrs. Arroyo, being a woman, and sick, deserved sympathy and better treatment.

Others pointed out that she should only be punished when found guilty and must be presumed innocent till then.

Unlike other allies of President Aquino and the Liberal Party leaders, Speaker Feliciano Belmonte has behaved and spoken most correctly about the Sandiganbayan’s suspension order.

He said, as quoted by the ABS-CBN report, the anti-graft court’s order had no practical effect. “She is unable to attend sessions anyway… In practical ways, [t[the suspension is]ready implemented because she cannot attend anyway.”

Our story in yesterday’s issue “Only Congress can suspend Arroyo—solon” (by reporters Llanesca T. Panti and Catherine S. Valente), said that Congressman Romero Quimbo of Marikina City, chairman of the House committee on ways and means, questioned the preventive suspension order of the Sandiganbayan.

She was ordered to “cease and desist from performing and/or exercising the functions and duties, as well as receiving and/or enjoying the salaries, benefits, privileges of her present public position or any other public office or position she may now or hereafter be holding . . . for a period of 90 days.”

A lawyer, Quimbo said, “We cannot enforce [t[the suspension]tomatically because that would mean depriving her constituents of representation, especially during the budget hearings. The House is the sole judge in removing its members and it is a power we hold dearly not because we want to protect each other, but because we need to ensure that the people’s right to be represented won’t be stifled.”


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  1. This blatant show of cruelty by a supposedly Catholic citizenry towards PGMA will definitely be replicated to PNoy after his term. But the sad part is our society already lost the virtues of magnanimity and love. Not only is our society financially corrupt, it is morally corrupt as well. This is a sign of an inevitable upheaval as hatred is socially fostered and condoned. It is a societal virus, which unfortunately in our country, is keep multiplying by our political system. This might evolve as catalyst for a cleansing force to sweep our country someday. Yes, hatred in a different dimension might engulf this society. Everything undesirable that are happening might incite the citizenry into an extreme anger. Graft and corruption, drug addiction, crime upsurge, illegal gambling and other vices; all of these abet that anger on our well-meaning citizens. When that time comes, it will be a burning crucible for social change.

  2. Noy really hated gma doesn’t he? As Mr Tiglao said in his column yesterday, it’s all about. Hacienda Luisita isn’t it

  3. Claro Apolinar on

    The depth of Philippine deterioration — in governance, lawmaking, quality of government officials, judges, congressmen and senators, lvels of poverty and uinemployment, corruption and criminality — is reflected accurately in the uncouth, cynical, cruel and nonproductive comments in Facebook, Tweeter and other social media. An example of this is the comment made here by Wat Tafuch.

  4. The author of the Sandigan decision is Gregory Ong, for sure. Let us not forget that Gregory Ong is being connected with Maam Jen Napoles because it is true that they have both professional and personal connections, fact is there are suspicions that Malakanyang might initiate removal proceedings upon Gregory Ong. Nag papapel lang yan si Justice Ong para purihin siya ni PNoy.

  5. He said, as quoted by the ABS-CBN report, the anti-graft court’s order had no practical effect. “She is unable to attend sessions anyway… In practical ways, [the suspension is] already implemented because she cannot attend anyway.”

    So, you mean to say all this time she wasn’t or couldn’t attend sessions that the Filipinos were still paying her congressional salary and benefits??

    C’mon, enough of your own propaganda against Pnoy too, this woman has caused a lot of misery and heartache from condoning so much corruption right under her nose. She sold her soul to the devil to get where she was and now it’s time for payback. One cannot reason with the devil, he gets what he needs to get then betrays and destroys!!

    Oh well GMA, what can we say……….

    • John Christian balingit on

      GMA is truly a blessed person.
      1. She won the 2004 presidential election because Lacson and FPJ failed to merge; Sen. Roco got sick; the god of Bro. Eddie Villanueva helped GMA instead whether in cheating or otherwise.
      2. Of all the charges hurled at GMA only one case remains as the rest had already been dismissed.
      3. She is enjoying her time in a well-ventilated hospital suite where she holds once in awhile parties for her family and supporters.
      4. She has a neck brace not only to support her neck but prevent her from simply vowing down.