• More Filipino workers stressed out


    About 59 percent of Filipino workers are experiencing more stress-related illness, according to the latest survey of the global workplace provider Regus.

    But businesses can help solve this problem, with workers saying that flexible working arrangements can help ease work-related stress.

    John Henderson, regional director for Asia Pacific of Regus, said that, “Difficult economic times in the West and an unprecedented rate of growth in emerging economies have put a strain on businesses and their employees.”

    “Workers are expected to do more with less, and this has taken its toll to the point many are close to burn out,” he added.

    The study of Regus showed that20 percent of respondents are worried about losing their job; 16 percent feel less confident about the sector they work in; 25 percent of respondents report that their family and friends have noticed they are stressed by work; and about 45 percent said that stress is damaging their co-worker’s personal relationships.

    The research also revealed that stress-related illness can worsen or cause a whole series of health conditions ranging like obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression, gastro-intestinal problems and asthma.

    Building on Regus research last year, which found that 48 percent of respondents globally felt their stress levels had risen in the past year, this latest study found that almost one-third, or 28 percent of Filipino workers are actually losing sleep worrying about work.

    The survey, canvassing the opinions of more than 20,000 senior executives and business owners across 95 countries, also found that work-related stress in the Philippines is causing a worrying increase in absenteeism to about 52 percent. This can damage business productivity as well as worker well-being.

    “It’s not surprising that work-related worries and the sleepless nights they cause, are taking their toll on employees’ personal lives. More importantly still, their health is at stake as stress is  a known catalyst for a number      of serious illnesses,” Hen-derson said.

    Rosalie C. Periabras


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    1. i agree that stress can damage one’s balance in life. when i was just starting, i could suppressed my feelings so i could still work and got salary. but in the end, what matters are your health, passion and relationship.