• More lawmakers face criminal raps


    More lawmakers are expected to be charged with plunder this month for allegedly squandering public money.

    Levito Baligod, the counsel of Benhur Luy who revealed the illegal releases of pork barrel funds, said the government is readying charges against a number of legislators and other government officials.

    He said the case is no longer connected with the alleged misuse Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel of lawmakers.

    Baligod disclosed that a new group of witnesses have surfaced and the new complaint will be based on the testimonies of a new group of whistleblowers.

    He said two more plunder cases will be filed by the National Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice (DOJ) at the Office of the Ombudsman. One will cover the illegal use of non-legislative fund, such as the special funds of the National Anti-Poverty Commission, congressional insertions and the bonuses that certain lawmakers get from holding positions at the Commission on Appointments.

    The amounts involved in the complaints exceeded P50 million, Baligod said.

    So far, the DOJ has filed two batches of criminal complaints against dozens of personalities, including lawmakers, heads of government agencies, and Janet Lim Napoles, the alleged brains of the pork barrel scam. In the first batch, senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and Ramon “Bong” Revilla were among those charged.

    Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon led the respondents in the second batch, which included former members of the House of Representatives. They were charged with receiving millions of pesos in commissions after releasing part of the PDAF to Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) owned or controlled by Napoles.

    Baligod said the third set of criminal charges will focus on the release of non-PDAF monies coursed through Napoles NGOs.

    “These cases are on the plunder level, meaning, over P50 million,” he told reporters.

    Baligod said four “middle-grade government officials” are working with him in preparing the charges. These officials had filed complaints before the Commission on Audit but the agency failed to act on them.

    An opposition lawmaker suggestion that Biazon go on a leave on absence while the case implicating him in the PDAF scam is being investigated.

    ”Resignation is the call of the person involved, but if I were the President, I would ask him [Biazon] to go on leave.

    This would show good faith on the part of the Aquino administration; that it really demands transparency and accountability,” Isabela Rep. Rodito Albano 3rd said in a text message.

    House Deputy Majority Leader Sherwin Tugna of Citizens Battle Against Corruption agreed that a public official should have the delicadeza to step down.

    “The best thing for Commissioner Biazon is to completely submit to the process before the Office of the Ombudsman,” Tugna, an ally of President Benigno Aquino 3rd, said.

    The graft case is another blow for Biazon, who had been reprimanded by the President for failing to curb smuggling in the Bureau of Customs.

    Despite the scolding, the Palace has never asked for Biazon’s resignation or even asked him to go on leave.

    ”The complaint [against Biazon]has been submitted for review and evaluation by the Ombudsman. While this review and evaluation process is ongoing, there is no legal compulsion where Commissioner Biazon to go on leave,” Secretary Herminio Coloma, Jr. of the Presidential Communications Operations Office said Saturday.

    ”What the President said is that he will talk to Commissioner Biazon with regards to the case,” Coloma added.

    Biazon, a member of the ruling Liberal Party (LP), was a former Muntinlupa City congressman. He ran for the Senate in 2010 and lost.


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    1. Ha ha ha ha! “The case is no longer connected to PDAF”. They won’t go deeper into the PDAF investigation because they will find out things that will scare the day light out of their wits. He may lose allies in both houses who will protect him when the day of ‘reckoning’ will be filed in congress. What a disgusting ploy to divert our attention away from real issue of PDAF and DAP misuse.

    2. Foriegn aid pours into the Philippines while the Government fat cats get richer. The people that plunder the ‘such as the special funds of the National Anti-Poverty Commission,..’ have no right to call themselves Patriot Christian Filipinos. They have no dignity, credibility or compassion.

    3. Federico Santos on

      i do hope that the lawmakers soon to face charges include lawmakers from the ruling party Liberal Party. At present, there is now alarming cleansing in the Liberal Party of the present administration. LP Lawmakers who had no connection with the so-called HYATT 10 will soon find their names in the Sec. De Lima NBI list of scammers. The Ally of Hyatt 10 is doing the AMPATUAN MASSACRE way of eliminating potential opponents in the 2016 election. The government machineries have been used and are continuously using to perpetuate their Hyatt 10 evil motives. LP Members, even those with connections with P’noy are not spared this fate, unless and until they pledge 101% to unconditionally support all Hyatt 10 members’ objectives. This happens to Com. Biazon. They are using the corruption angle to condition the mines of the Pinoys against LPs and PNoy people who are not Hyatt 10 loyalists. Wake up PNoy.

    4. Claro Apolinar on

      Obviously, the people running President Benigno S. Cojuangco-Aquino in the Liberal Party and the cabal behind the current administration have decided that people like BOC Commissioner Ruffy Biazon are liabilities. Such allies of the President and the LP ruling coalition pull down the popularity of Ninoy and Cory’s only son and the satisfaction rating of the Cojuangco-Aquino administration. Therefore these allies must be eliminated.

      The next step is to charge more BS Aquino KKKs (kaklase, kalaro-kabarkada and kabarilan) among congressmen and senators and remove corrupt and incompetent KKKs from the cabinet. This will leave the men of Local Government Secretary as the key men in the Cojuangco-Aquino Administration.

      Want to see who will be charged and removed? Observe who among the cabinet officials, Usecs, Asst secretaries and chiefs of bureaus etc. are attacked and trashed by Ted Failon, Mrs. Mar Roxas (Korina Sanchez–if you’ve forgotten her relationship to the former Arroyo cabinet member and BSAquino’s DILG secretary) and the ABS-CBN (including ANC’s) talking heads and Radio Patrol reporters.

      The Lopez network owners and bosses are members of the cabal behind the Cojuangco-Aquino administration and the presidential candidacy in 2016 of Mar Roxas.

      • Tama ka. I have been an Independent Mayor Candidate here in Q.C. in the last MIdterm election. There was a news blackout about my candidacy except for just one or two seconds. In Manila, the debate of Lim vs Erap was aired in the TV three times. One was their debate in ABS-CBN, another was their debate in UP Manila. It was fully covered. The third was when they had a peace pact. In Q.C., my candidacy was never given emphasis. But, when Mayor Herbert Bautista attended a Elementary graduation before election (which is considered an election violation because prior to election campaign, Comelec Commissioner Sixto Brilliantes has already admonish candidates from refraining from media exposure) yet, ABS-CBN aired so much airtime to Mayor Bautista. Even our Peace pact wherein hundreds of press people attende, none ever came out of the news. That’s why many QC voters were not aware that Bistek has a challenger. Sad to say, these is the kind of New Media we have in the Philippines. The only media who entertain me was Manila Daily Inguirer which came out in their newspaper and Radio DZIQ. Otherwise, none at all.

    5. Buisit ka talaga panot,,,kung talagang totoo yong sinasabi mong “tuwid na daan”accept mo ung resignation b 4 ni Biazon

    6. Again we Filipinos are showing the entire world how crooked we are. No wonder the country is still the most corrupt country in the Far East. Courts should freeze all assets of all involved and suspected to be involved as soon as possible. Their passports should be suspended too.

    7. It is not in our culture to resign your post even if your are exposed for having committed anomalies.

      In other countries – once they are under suspicion of such a case – they immediately resign for delicadeza.

      In our culture – “kapit tuko”

      How can you perform your job if you are under suspicion?

      • Roldan Guerrero on

        MR. ALEJO ROSETE TAMA KA! Let us take Japan as a particular example. Prime Minister ABE, about 10 yrs ago resigned ang gave up his post due to a very simple error committed by one of his Cabinet Ministers. The said minister showed some signs of wine hangover while attending a summit conference somewhere in Europe. because of sensationalized media releases describing Japan of having a drunkard Foreign Minister, PM ABE Resigned and took responsibility of his Ministers shortcomings.The minister after 3 days committed HARAKIRI. After succession of 5 Prime Ministers who were all unable to do an economic turnaround, SHINSHOU ABE finally accepted a second term due to constant demand by members of the DIET, Japans lawmaking Body. Now Japan is back on its feet again in the hands of a well and able Prime Minister. In the Phils. Its very much different, the killing of Chinese tourist in Manila alone should have been enough as a cause for BSA to resign until now he refuses to take responsibility and apology to the kins of the fatalities creating dis-array of Filipinos working in China. Now Corruption is very rampant, mostly committed by his KKKs and appointees. BSA is also known of his incompetence of handling his functions.IT IS REALLY DIFFERENT IN THE PHILS. AS THEY SAY, MORE FUN IN THE PHILS…..EVEN THE PRESIDENCY IS MADE A SORT OF FUN JUST LIKE PLAYING A VIDEO GAME!