More lies yesterday from President Aquino


THE speech President Aquino gave early evening yesterday was useless. It was again a mentally dishonest exercise designed to give Aquino Yellow Army loyalists a reason to praise their Shining Commander in Chief and satisfy the unthinking, uncritical portion of our population who still believe in the probity of this PCOS-machine created president.

The speech did not offer any hint of an answer to the gravest questions in the minds of the people, specially the women and children who are widows and orphans because their fathers were massacred — some of them mutilated — by the fighters of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and their buddies in the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF). The MILF, in Aquino’s own words, are people who have become his friends.

Aquino did not inform us who–if it was not he–who was in the supreme commander’s position controlling the movements of the PNP-SAF commandos on that tragic day. And who–if it was not he–who gave the “stand-down order” to the reinforcement forces of the Philippine Army and the PNP-SAF commandos who could have aided the doomed 44 SAF Heroes.

Instead he made a big thing of accepting the resignation of suspended PNP Chief
Alan Purisima, who thanks to mendacious leaks and half-truths from Aquino’s lips and those of his spin-meisters, has been the focus of suspicions as the person in command of the fatal mission in Mamapasano, Maguindanao on January 25.

As in his previous speeches, Aquino used up a lot of time recounting personal details. This time these were about his close relationship for decades with Purisima. But unlike his previous speech in which he admitted having been given briefings by Purisima, last night he did not say anything about his old buddy’s role in the Mamasapano Massacre.

Laster, interviewed by ABS-CBN, Purisima denied having commanded the operation on Sunday January 25, He praised the heroism of the PNP-SAF Heroes and referred to himself as a former member of the SAF. He admitted having been involved in the planning at the beginning of the very beginning of the SAF operation against Marwan and Usman. But he bristled against the claims published in media that he was in command of the fatal mission two Sundays ago. He promised to appear at the Senate hearing on this matter.

Aquino in his speech referred to himself again as the “ama ng bayan” (the father of the nation) and waxed sentimental about having lost 44 of his children. But he never spoke about being sorry because he has at least overall command responsibility for their deaths.

What he said was that as the country’s leader, he assumes responsibility for the 44 police commandos and vowed to help obtain justice for them and help ensure the wellbeing of the fallen commandos’ families.

He did not remotely admit any responsibility for the strange events surrounding the mission, the presence of Americans, the massacre of the SAF commandos by armies of the MILF and the BIFF.

He in fact sounded as if the MILF were his friends!

He did not say anything about our page 1 banner yesterday, “PNoy ordered AFP, SAF to stand down,” revealing that it was he, while in the US Drone Control Center in Zamboanga City, who had said “Negative, negative” in reply to the words of a government military commander saying “Papasok na kami, Sir” because his unit wanted to act on the besieged SAF men’s call for help.

In Malacañang, Communications Secretary Sonny Coloma was asked for what the Palace had to say about our headline story. He gave a brief answer: “It’s best to await the results of the ongoing inquiry.”

God have mercy on us Filipinos under the rule of a Liar President who has achieved total control of Congress, the Justice Department and other agencies that should be on the side of the people and our Republic.


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  1. We can only hope that our next President is really for the people and the country. I can think of one in Mindanao but he is a bit shy.

  2. As we sit in the sidelines, we damn the people running the government that assaults our self rigtheousness in our comfortable chairs. Run for public office, join the government, articulate your sides in the streets, be a solution. What have you done so far?

  3. yan ang masama sa isang popular na Presidente kahit minority president sya .nabilog nya ang ulo ng mamayan sa mga propaganda ng kampo nya ,gaya nalang ng KAYO ang BOSS KO ,wala na wangwang na sya bilang head of state pribeliho nya gumamit nya ,bagkos gumagamit sya ng advance hawi boys ,sa simula pa lang ng habol na sya ng kalaban sa politika ,tanggal ng SUPREME COURT CHEIF JUSTICE at all cost nahumantong sa kabukohan ng paggamit ng pundo ng bayan nalaman nalang NA may PDAP ,PAGHABOL sa mga senador at congressman na sa opposition ,bat wala pa hanggang ngayon and 2nd batch na sinasabi ni DELIMA ,pilit inoyogyog ang credibilidad ng mga aspirante sa pagka pangulo come 2016 .sabi ng mga loyalista nya e extend c noynoy o my please maawa naman kayo mga AQUINO at CUJANGCO sa bayan natin ,d pa sapat ang legacy kamo na ipinondar ni ninoy at cory ,nawalan tayo ng bahagi ng bansa natin na ipana ubaya sa MALISYA ang SABA.

  4. Whatever you say guys nandyan na yan. Ilang buwan na lang and we will have a much better and more honest president in the person of Jejomar Binay. Good luck to all of us.

  5. What can we expect from a nincompoop commander in chief? He is a heartless liar who do not have the guts to accept that it was he who commandered that operation. He was in zamboanga on that fateful jan 25 awaiting for what he expect full success of the fallen44’s mission. When Napenas called for back-up it was the daang matuwid president you voted who answered negative, negative! It’s u Filipinos who voted this crazy president meron din kayong pananagutan sa fallen44 dahil walang military background ang gunggong na yan!

  6. there’s nothing we can do, he is the president whether he will tell the truth or tell lies, there’s nothing we can do except with the majority’s decision to kick him out. But his term is ending so there’s no reason to make trouble, it is better to prepare for a good replacement comes election 2016. Then people could ask the public and concern citizens to prosecute Noynoy so he will be placed in jail and that’s the time he learn his lesson of all his wrong-doing in command responsibilty, unconstitutional actions.

  7. dominic c.virginio on

    Sorry for the Filipino people,makes the voters & fanatics of Pnoy realize their choice is a BIG MISTAKE . . . hear & learn more lies from the Administration.

  8. francisco santos jr on

    What is pinoy trying to do with the filipinos? is he “pinoy” inviting someone to shoot him??? perhaps, an angry widow? relative? or ????

  9. chthonic monster on

    “ama ng bayan” (the father of the nation)

    guidance does not come from a father who is “weak, yielding and a softie.”! _ _ Pope Francis

    aray ko po!

    • tama ka Ama ng Bayan…kaya nga neutral Lang siya kase ang naglaban pereho nyang mga anak.Kung nakalimutan mo yung mga muslim sa mindanao mga Filipino rin at iisang bansa lang kayo.

  10. Qlynne Palalay on

    Too little, too late. His second “damage control” speech about the Mamasapano Massacre came too late in the game. First impressions last; his first speech, devoid of neither sincere compassion and empathy, on the matter sticks as much as it sucked in the psyche of the Filipino people. His true colors and feelings have revealed themselves and spoken deafening volumes in his initial empty state of the nation address. What kind of “father” skips the somber arrival of his dead sons in favor of attending a joyous corporate car event?! Had they lived while carrying out his covert mission, would he have been there to welcome them with all the glory and the honors–as much as he would have salivated in anticipation of the quick passing of the Bangsamoro Basic Law and his subsequent calculated if not presumptuous receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize for Peace? Pleaaaaseeee.

  11. Vicente Penetrante on

    He knows we are a forgiving people. But it has been said, “Do unto others what you want to be done unto you.”
    He could not forgive his predecessor who said, “I’m sorry!”
    So what do we do?

  12. My thinking is why don’t we have the voice of the guy who answered “NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE” be verified and tested by voice experts? So we will know who he was and end all this speculations. And need to identify the commander requesting permission “PAPASOK NA KAMI, SIR”. Is he from the military or the police force? This only means only thing: the reinforcement was ready but stopped by the man who replied “NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE”. But I doubt that it is Purisima? WHO???

  13. Rowena Boquiren on

    Any editorial writer writes for the large public s/he wants to influence. A President and Commander-in-Chief issues orders at levels. And opinions are not the same as operations.

    • editorial writing is a job and a privilege. any writer can influence anyone. that won’t exclude me and you as a commentary writer, influencing our readers.

      the president and commander-in-chief indeed issued orders, but only after bypassing the acting pnp chief. that is a direct order into the ground commander (after purisima claimed that he was suspended and denied having commanded the operation).

      and yes, opinion is different from operation. fiction against facts. the president will do where he is at his best –evade and lie. worse, followers remain.

  14. What a congenital liar, this nincompoop of a president. What a disgrace to the nation and state.

    • Do you have anybody else in mind who could pull us out of this mire? All the other candidates in 2010 have personal interests. Aquino is not the best and most capable but he produces positive results and his only other interest is driving and target shooting. Did any of the previous “capable” presidents led us into progress? They only institutionalized corruption to a point that it became the norm.

  15. With his silence on his alleged “stand down” issue during his speech yesterday, it just reinforced the said allegation to be true. Purisima and Aquino are weaving a web of lies, even making Purisima’s denial an indirect finger pointing to Aquino that indeed he was at the drone command center monitoring and giving orders as he should do being the “Commander-in-Chief”. I cannot understand the blind devotion of his puppets in Congress, the conscript media, and even the top officials of AFP to Aquino inspite of the barrage of lies pouring in. However, eventually, these web of lies from Aquino will suffocate him in the proper time: in God’s time.

  16. army and police operators will now think twice before going into action because they know that their c-in-c will not back them up

    • You’re right, come to think of it,filipinos againts Filipinos…peace is the solution not war.

  17. It’s a great thing that the whole nation now realizes what a consummate pathological LIAR this Abnoy is. He is an incorrigible LIAR through and through. From the time he was a boy who concocted his own realities in his head contrary to the realities outside. Even his own perception about himself and his family is one big LIE. Imagine, he thinks of himself as God’s great gift to the country and that he and the Pope are “kindred spirit”. WOW! When a man lies to himself, malaki talaga ang sira!

  18. When will we (Filipinos) realize? When will we realize as the song goes on. The karma of Corona has just begun.