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Bringing cutting-edge TV innovation into new heights, consumer electronics brand TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited has finally introduced its latest UHD (Ultra High Definition) TV product line to the Philippines. A grand launch was held at Solaire Resort and Casino to welcome the new generation TCL 4K UHD TV and Curved TV to the local market.

Following the brand’s strong market reception in the country, TCL expands its latest premium line of UHD TVs, delivering at once advanced technology and affordable home entertainment products to practical Filipino consumers.

The UHD TV product line (available in 40” to 85”) combines cutting-edge advancements in
both TV display and resolution, revolutionizing viewers’ experience into a more captivating and vision-engaging process.

The TCL 4K UHD TV supplies viewers the clearest display interface of every single detail and a spectacular viewing experience with a resolution of 3840 X 2160—four times higher than FHD (1920 X 1080). By utilizing a high-resolution LCD screen with top-notch software processing capabilities, TCL 4K UHD TV brings a strong 4K image effect and vividly projects the smallest and most sensitive of on-screen details.

|In addition, the TCL 4K UHD TV comes equipped with a USB and HDMI port, enhancing the transport speed of digital video data.

The TCL 85” 4K UHD TV, meanwhile, is equipped with an 85-inch screen that can restore the image in a 1:1 ratio. It has a great sound that allows viewers to experience the enjoyment of a private home theater. The unit is further equipped with a quad-core processor and 4K top decoder chip.

The Curved TV, touted as the TV industry’s newest innovation, has combined superb surround experience (which enables a wide-angle viewing that is not possible on flat screens), more realistic effects (removes distortion of the images on the corners), reduced viewing fatigue (improves visibility for viewers on the sides), and enhanced color and contrast (reduces ambient glare to make the color of the picture appear deeper).


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