• More ‘pork’ witnesses to come out – Aquino


    Many other Ruby Tuasons are willing to testify against lawmakers accused of pocketing kickbacks from their pork barrel funds, President Benigno Aquino 3rd said on Wednesday.

    The President was referring to the socialite who has surfaced with what Justice Secretary Leila de Lima described as “slam dunk” evidence to indict Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada in the multibillion-peso scheme.

    Aquino said there was credibility in Tuason’s testimony before the Senate blue ribbon committee on the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam.

    “She is not the only witness here. There are the whistleblowers and there are others who will come [out],” the President said.

    But Aquino did not say if the Department of Justice (DOJ) is negotiating with other likely witnesses, just as it did with Tuason, who was in the United States when government lawyers arranged her admission into the Witness Protection Program.

    The President said the government remains focused on weighing the evidence against those accused of plundering public funds.

    “All our actions and objectives are after evidence that we could use in the trial [against those involved],” he said.

    At the last hearing of the panel chaired by Sen. Teofisto Guingona 3rd, Tuason said she delivered pork barrel commissions four times to Senator Estrada, the son of her former boss, former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada.

    The businesswoman claimed that two of the cash deliveries were made in the Senate and that she had to use a trolley at one time because the bag containing the money “was big.”

    Besides Estrada, Senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. were also reported to have received huge kickbacks from projects funded by their pork barrel as alleged by Benhur Luy, the first whistleblower in the scam allegedly perpetrated by Janet Lim-Napoles.

    Aquino admitted he failed to follow the hearing closely because he was in several meetings that day, but said what was important was that Tuason’s testimony could stand up in court.

    “I think that what is important is that she was able to narrate how she got the money and to whom it was delivered and who got it,” he stressed.

    “It now depends on the skills of the prosecutors to elicit information from her and to know what she can say [in court],” Aquino added.

    Hospital detention
    On Napoles’s request to be transferred to a hospital, the President said she should first have a thorough medical check-up.

    “It is our obligation to ensure that even inmates are healthy. So, we will check if she really has any medical reason. Then the court would say where she could be taken,” he said. He was reacting to reports that a cyst in Napoles’ reproductive organ should qualify her for hospital detention so that physicians can monitor her condition.

    Some sectors insist Napoles should be transferred to an ordinary jail from Fort Santo Domingo in Santa Rosa, Laguna, where the government is spending for her detention.

    The President said the transfer can be done because the threats against Napoles’ life appear to have dissipated.

    “Many are asking why she should be separated now that it seems that the threats to her safety are gone because she does not point to any. It seems there’s no cause for alarm,” Aquino added.


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    1. Rosauro Feliciano on

      What are we waiting for? For other more witnesses? This is nonsense. Why more witnesses, just to prolong the agony of this nation?

      This is madness. Go on with the trials and make this NATION GREAT like when Japan first made known to the whole world that the judicial system it had at the time when not a single Asian nation can prove that Asian Justice System was acceptable among the nations of the Western world. This is written in the Oriental History that every one who finished secondary education must know.

    2. Rosauro Feliciano on

      Why need more witnesses when Mrs. Tuason is equivalent to a thousand witnesses?

      When a person implicates others for the wrongdoings that person has done and in fact he is about to be arraigned in court, simply shows that the intelligence of that person is very low. We don’t need to be a lawyer to understand that the person is guilty because he is avoiding the issue; instead of reasoning out in defense against the accusation hauled against him. Why he is pointing to others for the similar wrong doings instead of speaking in defense for what he is being accused? We must continually educate our electorates in order that we should elect at least good if not better lawmakers with such intellectual prowess of Senator Miriam Santiago. Now who will say that I am holding someone hostage for what I am saying? What I’m saying is factual truth that we people are electing celebrities or known families to represent us whose aim is to engage in unlawful activities; is this correct or wrong?

      • Correct na correct po. Short of another People Power Revolution against the Marcoses after the Martial Law, the Philippine electorate must stopt electing candidates who are members of the Political Dynasties. Stop accepting bribes and the Media must asked all candidates whether or not they’ll become thieve(s) if elected.

    3. felix servidad on

      Pnoy, you are a cheery picker, who picked only from another backyard, why don’t you pick from your backyard too? Why is the coa refused to audit your own pork barrel, and dap. hmmmm! smell fishy. If you and your cohorts are innocent you should not be afraid, let the coa open your
      book, for your own good. or we have to wait for a new president to open it I think,
      It depends, I smell also in your kitchen that you’re cooking something, hmmmm!
      I think you’re cooking the cha cha to change the presidency to parliamentary.
      Voila c’test ca!

    4. Where is Janet Napoles fugitive brother? Is he dead or held as hostage so Janet wont testify against the crooked three?

    5. Ginoong pangulo tama po iyan na makasuhan kung
      sino man po ang sangkot sa Pdaf, DAF, scam na yan, pero
      sa wari naming mga boss/es ninyo marami rin pong sangkot
      sa mga kapanalig ng administrasyon. Bakit po usad pagong
      ang pag iimbestiga, sa mga pdaf, DAF na kayo ang nag nag-
      pamigay sa panahon ng inyong administrasyon, lalo na po
      nuong impeachment ni Corona, Di po ba’t mas makabuluhang
      maging malinaw sa taong bayan na maipakita ninyo na
      wala kayong inililihim, lalo sa pamimigay ninyo na Pdaf, DAF/
      malampaya funding, bakit ayaw pong ipa-audit ang releases
      ng DAF ninyo. Bakit po ayaw at di niyo mautusang ipahayag
      at ipakita ang listahan ng releases ng DBM-butch abad
      kung wala namang dapat itago. Mabuti na po yung malaman
      ng sambayanan na walang anomalya sa pondo ninyo.

    6. Put her in a regular jail, maybe she will tell everything. If she gets killed in jail fine she deserves it. Don’t treat her like a VIP .

    7. Another Judas act. Ruby Tuason cannot possibly have carried that stash of cash to the Senate Building without at least a forklift or a company of cargadores of 8 or more depending on the denomination of the bills. Comparatively, $1 million dollars in notes weight about 500 kilos as each US note has a weight of 1 gram. There must have been a couple of armored trucks that were admitted to the basement parking and Ms Tuason simply presented herself to the recipient Senator for an acknowledgement of the delivery. The NCA were coursed through the Land Bank and the contractor who usually move their cash around can be traced. Good enough reasons for the tapes to be deleted or erased. It is even totally possible that Ms Tuason just whispered to the ears of the recipient Senators where to pick up their kickbacks or she was out there to arrange for a suitable venue.

    8. I am convinced that Sen. Bong Revilla with family will escape to Spain and leave the Filipino people angry. The DFA should do everything before its too late.

    9. Malapit na matapos ang training ng ibang mga witnesses!

      It is really funny that with the claimed truckload of evidences and now with the slam dunk, 3 point buzzer beater winning shot, what is taking the Ombudsman so long to file the case with the Sandiganbayan?

      Is the Ombudsman waiting for the hoopla in TG’s investigation sala to be finished before they will then become the next venue to further demonize the accused?

      Is there any one except the dyed in the wool yellows who believes only the 3 accused are involved in the PDAF Scam? I believe even they think so but do not say it for fear the great noynoyer will hear it. . .

    10. Napoles’ outright denial of knowing or having to do with being the conduit for the public funds, she deserves no special treatment while incarcerated. Why the government continues to spend so much to keep her safe (for what?) is beyond me! She did not care about the poor Filipinos while she and her family enjoy the fruits of her plunder. Enough spending public money on her.