• More rainwater-harvesting facilities planned by DENR


    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) plans to build more upstream rainwater catchments to help ease floods and improve irrigation.

    Environment Secretary Ramon Paje said the additional catchments or small water impounding dams (SWID) are part of the physical development plan, which the Cabinet cluster on climate change is proposing not only to guide physical expansion but also to help improve the country’s resilience to global warming and climate-related disasters.

    Paje said rainwater-harvesting facilities like SWIDs are proven effective for managing rainwater, which can be a supplemental source of water for irrigation.

    He said that in Muñoz town in Nueva Ecija as an example of how rainwater can significantly increase rice production.

    Paje said the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is planning to build a water catchment dam in the upstream area of the Marikina watershed.

    The proposed water catchment dam doubles as a flood-mitigating measure.

    “The idea is to catch the water when it is available and to release it when it is needed like, for example, during the dry season for agriculture use,” he said.




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    1. Wilmer Andrada on

      If all those pork barrels over the years were spent on these projects, probably the whole country will be better off. Other projects that i would like to see are reforestation and crack down on illegal logging, development of sea farming and protecting all the coral reefs,clean up of all the rivers specially Pasig river,assisting in the environmental and city scaping of all towns by providing them with Marshall plans etc.We should emulate other counties like Singapore and the Scandinavia in cleanliness by developing a better system of waste management and developing a culture of environmental awareness.