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    Some of you might have noticed that there are instances when AAP sends a motorcycle-riding mechanic to respond to your call, rather than the usual tow truck. These instances are when the trouble is either a flat tire, a battery problem or an empty fuel tank. There are at least two major advantages in this approach. An AAP motorcycle-service, for obvious reasons, can respond to your call much quicker and therefore you can get to your destination sooner. For AAP, on the other hand, dispatching a motorcycle-service costs much less than dispatching a tow truck.

    Many of AAP’s counterpart clubs in other geographies maintain more motorcycles than tow trucks. In fact, sending a tow truck is their very last resort. Flat tires and battery problems are, after all, the two most common reasons for members’ emergency calls worldwide. We will soon be increasing the number of motorcycles and mechanics and streamlining our procedures so AAP can serve the members better.

    Understandably, this scheme would mean that our dispatchers would have to ask you more questions about the condition of your car and why it stalled, so they can decide which service vehicle to send to you. In this respect, we ask for your patience and understanding.

    In a few months, we will be introducing the AAP Home Service for simple tasks like oil change, tune-ups and minor repairs on your vehicle. The service will be available during the day, seven days a week. Services will be available on a pre-scheduled basis only. Heavier jobs will be referred to our Autocare repair shop along Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City.

    As the schedules get tighter, more resources would be deployed. It would of course help if we could get some feedback from the members even as early as now, that they would welcome this service and would take advantage of it. We could then better project the number of mechanics we should train, the initial capital we should invest, the revenues we can expect, among other items. This new service will mean for the members, one less chore to take care of.

    The caravans organized by AAP Travel are gaining popularity among the members. Word-of-mouth being spread by those who have already participated in these events, plus the news articles about them in our publications, are how other members find out about the many happy experiences that were enjoyed by those who have joined. The next one, scheduled sometime in November, will go to Benguet and Sagada.

    One member admitted that he was already questioning the value of his having joined AAP. He said he has been a member for many years, yet he has not found the need to call for towing. He felt there was no sense in retaining his membership. Until he joined a caravan. He enjoyed the trip so much that his attitude about his membership turned 180 degrees. He now plans to join all future caravans. (Reprinted with permission from AQ Magazine)


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