More than 3,000 laws could be axed next month – NCC


More than 3,000 government departmental orders are likely to be repealed by next month following review this month.

These orders are the first batch of government laws and regulations to be axed under the “Project Repeal” of the National Competitiveness Council (NCC).

Guillermo Luz, co-chairman of the NCC, told reporters that the project attracted 14,000 proposals for repealing laws and regulations that are outdated and/or are hindering growth of industries.

Luz said, out of these 14,000 proposals, the technical working group for Project Repeal identified some 3,000 orders.

“These are departmental orders. Some of them can be repealed upon signing. Upon signing, the rule is [that will be effectively repealed after]15 days notice,” Luz said.

The NCC co-chairman said department orders were chosen as the first batch of repeal as it takes shorter time to review and repeal compared to complex laws and regulations such as Republic Acts.

“Others like republic act, commonwealth act, executive orders, willl take longer. [Process to repeal these kinds of laws] will happen starting July,” Luz said.

NCC’s “Project Repeal” is a public-private effort to identify legislations that are not applicable to today’s business environment and requirements, therefore the need to repeal these laws and regulations.

Earlier, Luz said NCC has started with filtering outdated department orders and executive orders (EO) out of all the 14,000 proposals in a bid to cut red tape and reduce the cost of doing business in the country.

He said the process for repeal in Congress could start by the third quarter, and continue with the abolition of EOs until the end of the year.

By the fourth quarter, the council expects to report savings of billions of pesos resulting from this process, Luz added.

Luz said earlier that the Project Repeal has been short listed for United Kingdom’s Prosperity Fund (PF) Support on its pilot implementation this and next year. Preparation of the final bid proposal is ongoing.

NCC is holding its “1st Repeal Day” on Monday, June 13, which will serve as a forum explaining how repealing outdated laws and regulations work and how it can cut red tape to significantly improve the ease of doing business in the country and attracting investments to boost the economy.


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