• More votes, more worthwhile, if they pledge to jail Aquino instead


    All this boastful jail-calling between the camps of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Vice president Jejomar Binay would get more national attention and produce more votes, if they pledge instead to send President BS Aquino to jail, when either one accedes to office and BS no longer has immunity from suit after June 30 this year

    The first big fish in jail

    For the record, it was Sen. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel who ignited this pillow fight when he declared by press release, without Duterte’s blessing, that VP Binay would be the first “big fish” who will land in jail if Duterte is elected. Pimentel, who has earned a reputation in the Senate as a provocateur, led the costly and fruitless year-long Senate investigation into the alleged corruption of VP Binay. He and his cohorts, Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes, have not written a committee report, summing up their findings.

    Duterte has not taken up Pimentel’s threat or disavowed it, probably because he knows the rigors of the legal process better, having been a city fiscal. He cannot discard the idea entirely, because Pimentel is the president of PDP-Laban, the party which adopted Duterte as its presidential nominee. So they’re all waiting for a positive public reaction to the idea of jailing Binay.

    Jailing Duterte more likely     

    Stung by the threat, Binay and his camp returned fire immediately. Binay declared that it would be Duterte who would be spending time behind bars, courtesy of his foul mouth and his human rights record.

    At a press briefing during one campaign sortie in the countryside, Binay vowed to send Duterte and all those behind the dreaded Davao Death Squad (DDS) to jail, saying no less than the Davao City mayor had admitted he and the squad were behind the killing sprees in that part of the country, targeting suspected criminals, which included children.

    Upon assuming the presidency, Binay said he will order an immediate investigation into the summary executions perpetrated by the notorious DDS, which has been tagged by the United Nations (UN), Amnesty International (AI), and other human rights groups for the killing of thousands of civilians, including minors.

    “If I am elected president, I, as a lawyer, would make sure the DDS would be made to pay for all the atrocities it has perpetrated,” Binay said.

    Binay said it was terrifying to imagine the DDS spreading nationwide, and he warned Filipinos not to let this happen.

    Binay disputed Duterte’s claims that they only go after criminals in Davao City.

    “They only kill the poor. Even with the length of the reign of Duterte’s DDS, we have never heard any report of them killing big-time drug pushers or smugglers. We have never heard of them killing anyone from a rich family, only the poor ones because, as Duterte describes them, they are society’s trash,” he said.

    Serious pledge to jail Aquino    

    Watching this pathetic ping-pong exchange of threats between the two sides, I was struck as if by an epiphany that they are both missing the point and the opportunity. The issue that can really grab the nation’s attention and generate voters’ support is a serious pledge by a presidential candidate to send BS Aquino to jail.

    In the run-up to the presidential election, BS has been busy maneuvering to ensure that the candidate who wins the presidency is one who will not do what he did to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo – cast him in jail and file plunder and other cases against him.

    This is why he practically commanded the Liberal Party leadership to install Mar Roxas as the presidential standard-bearer.

    This is why BS has never stopped courting the favors of Grace Poe and stealthily maneuvering to replace Roxas with Poe as the administration candidate.

    This is why the other candidates – Binay, Duterte and Santiago – do not declare that, if elected, they will work to bring BS to account.

    They are afraid of what BS will unleash on them if they dare say that they will strive to put BS in jail, and will keep him there until convicted.

    Imagine one candidate taking up this daunting challenge – solemnly declaring to jail Aquino. It will be front-page news for days. The cases that can be filed are many.

    He would promise to create an independent commission to investigate the full extent of abuse, corruption, graft, negligence, incompetence and mismanagement of the nation’s affairs by the Aquino administration.

    The probe would be a kind of autopsy and strategic audit of the Aquino presidency.

    The new administration will make BS pay for Mamasapano, Kidapawan, Zamboanga, Hacienda Luisita, the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), the Malampaya fund mess, the administration’s record in the handling of extra-judicial killings, murders of journalists, and other abominations.

    Most deserving of retribution

    BS Aquino is the one most Filipinos want to see on the rack, because he has been vicious and relentless in inflicting pain and misery on those whom he considered his rivals or enemies.

    He never wore the nation’s flag pin on his chest; he defiantly used instead his family’s crest and symbol.

    Yellow, one doctor has told me, is the color of bile. And bilious is the adjective that most aptly describes BS Aquino’s six years of leadership and management of this country.

    Some politicians, notably Bongbong Marcos, have forsworn a policy of retribution toward Aquino, because it will condemn the nation to perpetual bitterness and conflict. The nation will be impossible to unite; and the society will not change.

    But others say that it is not right for public officials to get away with their transgressions and abuses in office. The Catholic doctrine of forgiveness is too easy and lenient.

    I started this essay as a reaction to the spectacle of Binay and Duterte pledging to send each other to jail.

    In examining the substance of these pledges, it occurred to me that sending BS Aquino to jail is far more interesting and worthy of serious consideration.

    I daresay that the candidate who pledges to put BS in jail will be swamped by votes.
    Let us see whether there is a candidate out there who has the courage of conviction to make this pledge.



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    1. All the Filipino’s must swear to vote for the first candidate who will promise to jail Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III for all is sins against the people of the Republic of the Philippines. I hope it will be Rody Duterte who will promise because he is the only candidate for President who is credible

    2. conchita Gabucan on

      Huwag kanyong mainip malapit na ang election day at siguradong mananalo na si Duterte. Lahat ng corrupt mananagot.

    3. Sana maisama nila sa debate ng mga Presidentiables sa April 24 kung sino ang makapag-imbestiga sa mga corruptions at paglabag sa batas at makapagpakulong kay Aquino, dahil siguradong marami boto ang makukuha nila.

    4. Tama si Makabenta, a “serious pledge to jail Aquino” can earn more votes, dahil ‘yon ang isa sa mga hinahanap ko sa mga presidentiables.

    5. Pag si Miriam (remote) ang manalo there is a probability that Bong Bong Marcos will be the succeeding President because she may not finish her term because of cancer.

      • All the more good isn’t it because as you can see in the vice-presidential debate, BBM is well-mannered and intelligent. As for Miriam, don’t jump into conclusion. You are not God to say that she can’t finish her term. She is at the moment surging in her campaign from university to university courting votes from the younger generations. O by the way, I am an absentee voter and I voted for Miriam-Marcos last Saturday.

    6. Samuel Santos on

      A miracle could still happen, like: Mar Roxas being elected president for declaring, 72 hours before the elections, that he will send PNoy to jail, if he succeeds in his impossible quest for the presidency. LOL

    7. What charge will you indict BS Aquino ? He maybe is a bad manager but he did not steal any money from the government as far as I know. He failed to appoint the right person on the job like Purisima, Abad ,Abaya, but will this warrant an imprisonment ? Look at Arroyo, Estrada, Enrile, Bong Revilla , all of them should all go to jail. Now they are almost going out after the election. They are positioning themselves for the new president.

      • Corruption is defined also as misappropriation of funds. Heard of PDAF, DAP? Tha is illegal and the Supreme Court voted 13-0, a clear majority ruling! He is the most corrupt!

    8. Caligula (BSA) should be jailed and treated worst than PGMA. Put thre memory of the Father, Mother and son in the back burner where all vindictive and tyrants should be.

    9. That is the question i want to be asked of the four when debate comes. I know miriam will do. the four are entries of pnoy like in horse-race. the true opposition is miriam. why? duterte was pushed to run by koko of pdp-laban created by nene. who is nene? a creation of cory (interior & local gov’t) who appointed gov., mayor, etc. with money-down except binay. Binay came from pdp-laban and also creation of cory. we know mar and poe are entries of pnoy in the race.

      Therefore, Mirriam is the true color of the opposition of the yellow.

      Markado na ang apat, mar, poe, binay and duterte.

    10. Even if he still got a few days left, Aquino can still unleash his pitbulls to give trouble to the candidates who dare make that statement. Be patient, Sir, he will be given his dues.

    11. aquino laway will definitely go to jail Hayop ang ginawang nyang kalukohan sa loob ng anim na taon. Binalewala ang constitution, nagpakulong ng wala pang hatol ng mga abogado. Ano ba yan? Mas mataas pa ba siya sa mga batas na pinairal ng kanyang bobo na nanay?

      • His mother is dead. How dare you destroy the reputation of a dead person that cannot defend themselves. You should be ashame of yourself.

    12. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Mr. Yen’s challenge to the candidates is based on good premises and grounds. Would anyone of the candidates take his challenge? God save the Philippines.

    13. If there would be a People’s Initiative campaign to jail this BS with One Peso contribution by every able bodied electorate citizen, surely the measly sum of 50 Miļlion to start off with – and will add up more by the time this Vile and bilious president step down

    14. I have no doubt that Duterte can do that but never will Binay. He is actually the Yellow’s bet until Mercado’s expose that is why he became plan “b”

    15. You are right. In fact I for one is waiting for a presidential candidate who will promise to jail Pnoy once his term is finished. I wonder nobody is proclaiming it considering it is potentially vote-enhancer. I don’t believe no candidate realize it. With so many crimes Pnoy did while in office, he is sure to land in jail for as long as the next do not protect him. That will be the day.

    16. Teodoro Sandoval on

      I will definitely vote for the candidate who will go after Aquino and Abad or the candidate who can defeat Poe.

    17. Girlie Bebbeb on

      It will not be surprise if Noynoy Aquino will suffer terribly (like his mother) with diseases before he die, because all of these injustices he’d done in his life. I really never understood why filipinos vote for them in the first place.

    18. Make it doable,make the candidates promise that they will not stop anybody from suing Mr Aquino. Make them promise that there will be no special treatment for Mr Aquino.

    19. Basilio Jamisola on

      yenmakabenta@yahoo.com. Bulag ka ba? most popular president pa rin si BS sa lahat ng presidente at this time of their presidency.Di mo nakita ang approval rating niya? Magkano ba natanggap mo? Talagang na binta ka na sa mga kalaban. Probably the Binay’s or the Arroyo’s. Sorry ka at the madlang Pinoys are marunong bumasa at kumilabot kong ano ang totoo. No one will follow you because the truth is, whoever will do that will sure lost.

      • Jose Samilin on

        Talaga naman na kakaiba si BSA sa lahat ng naging Pangulo, sya lang ang nagkamal ng almost a third of the National budget or almost a Trillion pesos presidential budget kya garapalan na ang paglustay sa pera ng bayan, maligaya sya ngayon hanggang June 30 na lang..

    20. “BS Aquino is the one most Filipinos want to see on the rack, because he has been vicious and relentless in inflicting pain and misery on those whom he considered his rivals or enemies.” I think the above statement by the author is definitely wrong. He must be smoking something. I am quite sure more Filipinos want Binay on the rack rather than Aquino.

    21. Kung sino kay Binay o Duterte ang mangangako na ipapaimbistiga si Noynoy ay siyang iboboto ko. Hindi ko iboboto si Mar at Poe dahil kaalyado sila ni Noynoy.

      • The best alternative then is to vote Miriam for President. She is a true blue opposition and does not allow stupidity and shenanigans in her administration. Miriam and Bongbong Marcos can do well to unite their people. I agree Pnoy should suffer the same fate as Gloria M. Arroyo. Pnoy should be investigated, prosecuted and land in jail if proven guilty and should be served a Hold Departure Order for him after June 30 to avoid his escaping from all his transgression. We, the people wants justice for all and we will be monitoring these cases of Pnoy!

    22. 100% agree BSA must go to jail once he stepped down. Its is quite possible that with only months left under his belt BSA will be rated the worst President in history. Nothing gained rather became worst under his watch — killing, corruption, poverty, injustice, bribery, traffic, flooding, inept appointee, negative growth, etc.—.
      OH, I almost forgot his outrageous defensive reason for over 6 years— because of the past administration. Its a good alibi as he knew he won’t be a competent President. Never listen to the people but only to his appointees even totally inept.
      Where is his clamor— “KAYO AND BOSS KO” — but the BOSS is powerless.
      Someone or group must take action against him including Abad so they stay in jail.

    23. Only Ms. Miriam can do that and she may just announce that a few days before the election.

      • this one is the right analysis.
        binay is formerly pdp-laban, creation of cory
        duterte is pushed to run by koko pdp-laban ceated by nene the father of
        koko, created also by cory
        We know mar and poe are pnoy’s race-horses.

    24. Agree 100%, Aquino, Abad and every other corrupt Aquino appointee need to be replaced and jailed. Lifestyle checks on every member of congress and every political appointee.