Morning Star


morning-star20161218I guess, you have tasted
The sweetness of the rain;
Feeling the coldness of
December mornings in the countryside;
I guess, you are used to have a long list
Of things to do, day by day,
Weeks and months, and learn
To throw away, garbage manners
Taking your time long, and value
What is more relevant now.

How many peasants
Did you meet today for a cause?
Had you noticed the priceless smiles
The hugs they offered you?
The simple food on the table
And the packed lunch
One of the Nanays had prepared
For you to bring?
You did not expect it, right?

They love you, for having
you as one of their daughters
Keeping their homes warm,
Keeping their hearts enkindle with hope
You are a morning star
Keeping your promise
To be with them,
In their revolutionary struggle
Longing to be free.



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