Mortar shells hit Russia’s embassy in Damascus, 3 injured


Four mortar shells landed at the Russian Embassy in the Syrian capital Damascus Thursday, injuring three civilians, the pan-Arab al-Mayadeen TV reported.

Three of the mortars struck the vicinity of the embassy, injuring three people, while the fourth shell landed inside the embassy’s yard but caused no casualty, the TV said.

The mortar shelling was followed by shooting from security forces to disperse the people from the embassy and later the Burnieh Street, where the embassy is located.

In Moscow, a Russian diplomat source said a mortar shell hit the Russian Embassy in Damascus on Thursday, according to the Voice of Russia radio.

“Today, the area where the embassy is located has undergone yet another intense mortar fire. One mine exploded on the territory of the diplomatic mission. Another mine exploded near the fence outside the embassy,” said the source.

The Russian Foreign Ministry posted a statement saying “Russian citizens have not been injured. One Syrian died and nine people were injured, including Syrian security guards of the embassy. The embassy building has sustained insignificant financial damage.”

“We resent and condemn decisively the mortar attacks by militants in central Damascus, including the attacks on the premises of the Russian embassy, which have recently become more frequent. We consider them as acts of terrorism,” the ministry said.

Mortar shells have previously landed at the vicinity of the Russian Embassy, the Chinese Embassy, and the Iraqi one.

The attacks are part of the indiscriminate mortar shelling the rebels have opted for in order to destabilize the security inside the heavily fortified capital.

Earlier in the day, at least three people were killed as a result of mortar attacks in Damascus and the northwestern province of Idlib. PNA


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