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    1. A short prayer:

      Father God! I thank You for the friendship we made with Russia and China. I thank You for making Philippine a Czar of Peace. Thank You for the wisdom You have bestowed upon the hearts and mind of our leaders. I speak blessing and wellness to the land of Russia and China. For they are our brothers too. I speak blessing, good health, welfare and protection to the Leaders and citizens of these countries.

      May You create a big-big noise in their land and it is the clanging chimes of you glory and salvation. Thank You that You have raised these nations to be mighty for a purpose. Seal a lasting friendship with them and the rest of Nation in the world with Philippines.

      May our leaders join hands and do mighty exploits for the love of life and for the good of many. But all the works of evil will be trampled down to the ground in Jesus Name! And for the Nations who chose You and You’re your righteousness –Blessing and protection will be their portion!

      In Jesus most precious name I pray! Amen!