Most Pinoys see better life this year


For many Filipinos, better days are yet to come.

The latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey showed that optimism among the populace is high with four in 10 Filipinos saying they see an improvement in their lives in the next 12 months.

Only five percent believed that there will be no change in their status.

The survey held from December 5 to 8, 2015 showed a net optimism rating of “very high” +40 (the difference between “optimists” and “pessimists”), a record high. The number breaks the record set in March last year when the reading was a “very high” +37. In the third quarter, the result was a “very high” +33.

Optimists outweighed pessimists when it came to the Philippine economy as the poll results showed that 3 in 10 Filipinos or 39 percent believed that the economy will improve in the next 12 months against eight percent who said it will deteriorate, yielding a “very high” +30 net optimism score. This is 12 points above the +18 in September last year and matches the +30 seen in November 2010.

With respondents who said they lived better lives in the past year (gainers) outnumbering those who said they are worse off (losers), the SWS survey yielded a “high” net gainers score of +5, marking a fourth consecutive quarter of gains.

Still, that’s a point below the similarly “high” +4 (29 percent gainers minus 25 percent losers) recorded in September.

The SWS attributed the seven-point rise in the national net personal optimism to +40 to the nine-point rise to a “very high” +42 (from +33) in Balance Luzon, seven-point increase in Visayas (+32 from +25) and Mindanao (+41 from +34) and three points in Metro Manila (+43 from +40).

Meanwhile, SWS noted that the 12-point rise in national net optimism on the economy was due to increases of 17 points in Visayas (+24 from +7), 13 points in Balance Luzon (+32 from +19), 11 points in Mindanao (+36 from +25), and seven points in Metro Manila (+26 from +19).

Both readings on confidence in the quality of life and the economy stayed “very high” across socioeconomic classes.

Malacañang cited the latest survey results as validation of the Aquino administration’s economic and poverty alleviation program.

“The uptrend in our people’s optimistic outlook on the economy and the improvement of their quality of life provides impetus for the President and the Cabinet to intensify efforts to complete vital development and reform programs,” Presidential Communications Herminio Jr. said in a statement.


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  1. only those Filipinos who worked abroad , and their families live in our country has much better life than filipinos working locally.. Millions of OFW working in abroad and sending money more in their families…This is why the govt said life is much better this year.but it is not true. Its because of OFW families…make their life better.