‘Most vicious and divisive’


Screen-Grab-CBCP1THE recent May 9 elections may have set new records in terms of transmission speed, quick count and voter turnout, but it is also the most “vicious” and “divisive” in recent history, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said.

“The viciousness and division of the election campaign may be said to be initiated by the entire machinery of the ‘yellow’ administration of President Benigno Simeon Aquino 3rd that cast its absolute and massive support to the hierarchy of the Liberal Party, as if the entire government resources were an entitlement of the favored political party,” said an editorial posted on the CBCP news website.
The editorial was posted on June 2.

It said it can be attributed to a number of factors, among them the use of government helicopter and military and other resources by the President’s youngest sister Kris Aquino when she campaigned for Administration presidential bet Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd .

“The most dramatic was Kris Aquino, the President’s sister who campaigned for Mar Roxas, the Administration’s candidate, using the government’s helicopter, military and sundry resources–with nary any respect for neither law nor propriety,” the editorial added.

The President earlier defended his sister on the use of the presidential chopper on one of the campaign sorties of the LP, saying Kris is among the biggest taxpayers in the country and qualifies as a guest of the President.

The editorial pointed out that the President, for always wearing the yellow color of the Liberal Party, promoted divisiveness as the Office of the President is supposed to be a symbol of unity and never an exclusive domain of one political party.

It said the May 9 elections were marred by widespread vote-buying, which it described as the “most massive” and the “most pervasive.”

The CBCP editorial cited a report from Msgr. Meliton Oso, archdiocesan coordinator of Church-based election watchdog Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) in Iloilo, who said “candidates and party-list groups were giving out P500 per voter” and P3,000 per family in the guise of scholarship programs.

Aside from the cash doleouts on Election Day, it said the Aquino administration using P100 billion in government funds, through the so-called “Bottom-Up Budgeting (BUB),” in the run-up to last month’s polls was suspect.

“But then again the biggest vote-buyer, and therefore the biggest violator of the Omnibus Election Code, could be the Aquino administration. Aside from the cash shoved to voters on Election Day, the Bottom-Up Budgeting [BUB] program of the government was allegedly intended to buy the support of local government officials,” according to the CBCP editorial.

It cited a CNN Philippines report of the Duterte camp accusing the LP and Roxas of vote-buying through the BUB.

According to Peter Laviña, spokesman for incoming President Rodrigo Duterte and head of Duterte’s media team, the BUB was used as an official campaign kitty of the Administration.

The same sentiment was also aired earlier by opposition United Nationalist Alliance spokesman Ramon Ilagan, who said “this [BUB] is the biggest pork barrel in election history.”

The Aquino Administration has maintained, though, that the BUB was normal government assistance to local governments.

The CBCP editorial said the clamor for change has grown loudest since the May 9 elections, adding that “serious or not, Rodrigo Duterte has promised to answer that clamor.”


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  1. The losers pnoy Aquino et al clearly utilized government material and financial assets i.e. From chopper to BUB again this is taxpayers money. Your money,his money,her money, my money. Even though your a high tax payer that is not a license to use government chopper for political purposes under the guise of presidential visitor. But in reality we, the taxpayers are the losers. Thanks for pnoy chicanery in trying hard to save his party and himself.Goof riddance?

  2. Romeo Tuazon on

    Mr Meliton Oso, digest this statement. When you take your mind off Christ then it will be put on the world. You will start getting distracted by everything. Make war! Christ died for you. Live for Him. Let Christ be your ambition. Let Christ be your focus and not what others are doing. Serve God and love the sinners since Christ died for them and you. Are you trying to please somebody?

  3. Please, let’s not get off tangent with the issue at hand. This is not about the Church institution’s human frailties. This is about the Administration’s vote-buying schemes to ensure LP candidate’s winning. It’s good to hear that the perceived viciousness and divisiveness of the recent election are not attributed to Duterte’s camp, but rather to the LP camp.

  4. The biggest liberal party strategy was the destruction of VP Binay via Senate hearings and Senator Poe citizenship and residency issue. Both candidates are the frontliner 6 months before the election. One year ago VP Binay is unbeatable and unstoppable. Then is was Grace turn with 40 percentage trust rating. Her name was almost not included in the ballot. That is how influential the Liberal political machinery is. If LP took Grace as the presidential candidate , she should have been the new president. This is the Liberal party blunder.

    • Senator Poe citizenship

      Lawsuits were not filed by Aquino or his stooges.
      The Liberal party supported Poe,

      Every Aquino ally on the Set committee voted for Poe which is the only reason she wasn’t kicked out of the senate.

      Bam Aquino was her campaign manager

      The Supreme court’s Aquino appointee’s voted for Poe.

  5. What will be done about these violations of vote buying ?
    What will be done about using the government resources to aid the liberal party ?

  6. Was it true that ballots were pre-marked with “ink” that was visible to the VCM scanner but invisible to the naked eye?

  7. And why don’t you say something or answer the charges of Duterte? Are you scared that someone in the person of Duterte has the courage to tell the truth of what you have asking some politicians of SUVs for your caprice and not for missionary work? Where is your vow of poverty? Its like you only have the courage to say something negative to some presidential candidates but not to Binay and Poe. What’s wrong with you guys?