Motorbike shooting spree in Fairview baffles police



Two men on a motorcycle killed five people in an apparent shooting spree in Fairview, Quezon City, on Sunday, a police official said.

Investigators are still trying to establish the motive behind what appeared to be random shootings, said Inspector Roldante Sarmiento, police deputy chief in Fairview.

“There were five people in four different locations. They had no connection. They were just bystanders. We have no idea why they were shot,” he told AFP.

“It looks like a shooting spree,” he said.

First to be shot was Rodelio dela Cruz, who was standing in front of car accessory store on Commonwealth Avenue in North Fairview.

A few minutes later, a woman identified as Alodia Grace Go was shot at the corner of Regalado Avenue and Bronx Street.

The next victims were Jelmer Gabronino and Angelee Augit Soliva, who were riding a motorcycle nearby.

Soliva and Gabronino’s relatives told police that the two were sent to buy medicine but did not return home.

The gunmen shot a scavenger picking through rubbish along Commonwealth near Pearl Drive before they fled.

Investigators recovered.9-mm bullet slugs near the first four victims, and a .45 cal. shell near the fifth.

In the past, many hired gunmen in the Philippines have killed their victims while on motorbikes, escaping swiftly while using their helmets to hide their identities.

However witnesses told police that the killers in this incident did not appear to be looking for any particular target, Sarmiento added.




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