Motorcycles to be required to carry vehicle plates


MOTORCYCLES would soon carry plates in front like ordinary vehicles as soon as the Land Transportation Office (LTO) secures the needed supplies, the Metro Manila Development Authority said on Tuesday. This would make it easier for traffic officers, as well as closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to track them if they commit any violations or get involved in accidents or heinous crimes. Most motorcycles only carry a “For Registration” sign on their plate hubs. With the new requirement, they can be easily tracked down. When the MMDA’s CCTV cameras show them violating traffic, law enforcers patrolling traffic nearby can flag them down immediately. “With the no-contact policy, we apprehend about 10,000 but because motorcycles have no plates in front, they are not captured. I talked to Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante and we were assured that once the plates are delivered, it will be a requirement for motorcycle registration,” MMDA Chairman Jerry Orbos said. Orbos added that it is not easy to apprehend violators when they have no plate in front especially in traffic. He warned motorcycle riders against lane shifting because this causes traffic as he revealed that motorcycles are exempted from the number coding scheme. About 12 percent of the EDSA traffic consist of motorcycles. To avoid accidents, Orbos said they should stay in the motorcycle lane. He added that he will meet with the Motorcycle Federation of the Philippines this week to discuss with them how they can help police their ranks, and contribute to the easing of traffic. He then asked the public, especially those with dashcams or cellphones videos of violations, to report such to the MMDA. This will help because, he said, there are only 2,300 enforcers working in three shifts in the whole of Metro Manila. According to Orbos, the MMDA has reached an agreement with the Department of Public Works and Highways to suspend road repairs starting this month in anticipation of heavy traffic volume as the Christmas season approaches. Only road repairs that have to be completed by year-end will be allowed.


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    • Same as most people. Have you tried to renew your driving license? 6th of June, I’m told not to expect it till February 2017