• Motul powers Vios Cup


    glovebox20160920Borne out of the collaboration between Motul Asia Pacific and TRD Asia Co. Ltd in 2012, Motul’s TRD Sports oil is a 100-percent fully synthetic motor oil designed for a wide range of Toyota automotive vehicles and especially suitable for Asian climate and driving habits. Officially launched in 2011 in Thailand, this TRD specific motor sports oil was eventually introduced in Southeast Asia in 2012.

    As part of the collaboration, Motul Asia Pacific has also sponsored the Toyota Thailand racing team (TRD Thailand/Arto) to compete in the race series of Super Car Thailand Championship since 2011 and the country’s biggest Motorsports event the Vios Cup since 2012. All Vios Cup cars are powered and protected by TRD Sports oil.

    TRD sports oil is an ester-based very high-performance fully synthetic engine oil that carries the tradition of Motul’s 300V for usage in high revving, high performance, turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines. With perfect thermal stability it ensures maximum horsepower, torque and provides crucial protection against wear. This racing technology motor oil provides the same thing that “street” (or regular) oils do: Improve power, protect the engine, and improve the reliability and longevity of components. This product comes in packaging of 5L. API Standard is SM/CF.


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