Motul’s ‘Drive Right’ campaign


motul20160407DRIVING is a way of life, whether it’s taking the kids to school, doing the grocery run or going to work; being behind the wheel is an essential part of our personal, family and work life. It can be enjoyable and pleasant, but at times can also be stressful and dangerous with fatal consequences. Majority of car crashes usually involves one driver.

In an effort to promote driver discipline and defensive driving, Motul, the country’s 100 percent fully synthetic performance engine oil, is introducing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign at this year’s Manila International Autoshow (MIAS).

The CSR campaign was borne out of the frustrations of the everyday driver. More than a decade ago, the traffic situation was far safer and driving along EDSA was a stress-free experience. These days, it is chaotic out there, with every driver having a free-for-all, as each one fight for every inch of space almost everyday. Road rage incidents are common, and hopefully, this Drive Right campaign will remind everybody out there that the roads are for everybody and we must learn to share it with discipline and inspire goodwill among fellow drivers.

At the Motul booth at the MIAS, visitors can avail of “Drive Right” car stickers by simply registering your name and e-mail address. It is Motul’s small contribution in making our roads a safer place enjoyed by disciplined and defensive drivers.


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