TEAM Motul-Achilles/KW, with young driver Carlos Luis Gono behind the wheel of the 400-horsepower Nissan 240SX, competed for championship points in the Novice Drift Series held on August 24.

Gono started in kart racing before taking on drift racing.

“The kid is a natural, and we were surprised at how he was able to adopt quickly to the drift car after only a few hours of teaching him to use a manual transmission,” said David Feliciano of DMF Drift, organizer of the Novice Drift Series.

It was also Feliciano who taught Gono the basics of car control and drifting.

Gono’s modified 240SX is equipped with a KW suspension system, Project MU brakes, one-off 18-inch Volk Rays Engineering wheels specially designed and ordered for the 240SX, and a tuned SR20DET engine with an SR20 NEO cylinder head ported and polished to Stage 5 specifications by tuner Pacho Blanco of Autoplus Sportzentrium. The car is also lubricated by Motul products.

Motul, which has more than 40 years of motor sports experience, offers oils and lubricants that have been tested in actual race conditions and are proven to be ultra low-friction, resulting in more horsepower, incredible smoothness with almost no noticeable drop in rpms when shifting, and instantaneous engine revs.

“I feel great when I am driving around the racetrack and I love the adrenaline rush every time I push the car to the limits for that perfect sideways drift,” said Gono, who competed against 24 other racers last weekend.


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