LEGAZPI CITY: A mouthpiece said the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in Bicol has produces too many millionaires and faked contractors many of them have already left the agency without facing any scrutiny. This is how a recently retired public affairs executive in Bicol described his former office where executives and lowly contractual employees including emergency hired freely moonlighted as bogus contractors. In an exclusive interview, Romeo Esplana who claimed he’s the only in the DPWH Bicol who earned the degree of Master in National Security Administration said he retired from service with decency and never been implicated in any wrongdoings adding, however, that his retirement was probably among the most awaited by the many unscrupulous employees he dubbed as “insider-contractors.”


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  1. charlie crisostomo on

    Dear Romeo,

    what is the use of gaining all the material things in this world when their soul are lost to evil. lets pray for them. Our lord said. “vengeance is mine”.The happiness and joy of the material greedy in this world are just temporary, in eternal life in heaven, its infinite. i feel so sad with their childrens, their parents feed them from filthy stolen money of the people.