• Move up to stop Newcastle disease


    THE Department of Agriculture (DA) allayed fears over the spread of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) which caused the death of thousands of chickens in several Luzon provinces, saying they are close to controlling its spread.

    Undersecretary Jose Reaño said that the government has prepared vaccines and is ready to implement quarantine measures to curb the spread of NDV.

    The DA earlier said the virus has affected poultry in Quezon City and the provinces of Tarlac, Zambales, Pangasinan, Pampanga, Bulacan, Laguna and Quezon.

    According to Reaño, NDV causes hemorrhage in chickens, giving their meat a foul taste and smell.

    While the Philippines is not new to the virus, he said NDV cases recently increased brought about by the increase in the number of fighting cocks that were not subjected to vaccination.

    The DA also belied beliefs that the virus will cause a shortage in poultry supply.


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