• Mr. Binay should drop ‘Jojobama’ and campaign like Hillary Clinton


    MR. Binay needs a lifeline to survive all the messes built around him and his family to be competitive in 2016. It may be time for him to drop the “Jojobama” moniker and run as a version of Hillary Clinton. Portraying his candidacy as something like the Clinton 2016 run will be a bit of a stretch. But it is the only way to survive. And politics – even presidential campaigns – are not really about running on the plank of genuine truthfulness.

    Why the Hillary Clinton model? Because it is apt for the campaign of Mr. Binay.

    The Clinton campaign has convinced a sizable slice of the American electorate that there are so-called “Clinton Rules.” Journalists and pundits, motivated by a bias against the Clintons, consider any move, statement, initiative coming from the Clintons as motivated by vested interests and self-aggrandizement. That much of the US media view the Clintons as up to no good –and every move they take is in sync with that narrative– is part of the “Clinton Rules.”

    Whereas the major policy and personal failings of Republican presidential hopefuls are mostly ignored by the mainstream media (except for progressive bloggers and commentators), reporters and pundits have a vengeful set of standards for the Clintons. Everything they do is scrutinized and vested with a certain degree of vehemence and venality. Even Hillary’s supposed shift to the Left on issues was doubted after her first major campaign appearance. They failed to note that, historically, Hillary has always been left of President Obama on economic policies.

    Taking down Hillary Clinton, according to a DC-based pundit, is actually the role that the media want to play in 2016. According to the late Washington Post columnist Dave Broder, the Clintons “ruined this town” (Washington, DC) with their lack of civility and should be driven out of town.

    Still, Hillary Clinton, with all the smear around her and her family, is leading the race because the Democratic Party base believes that such rules indeed exist – the pundits and the mainstream media be damned.

    What should the Binay campaign learn from the success of Hillary Clinton? For one, this: that even a campaign dragged down by a heavy moral baggage and identified with all sorts of deviltry can survive. The pundits and the mainstream media are not the final arbiters of truths and falsehoods – and the votes of the electorate.

    Mr. Binay can go out and say (with some amount of truthiness) that “ Binay Rules” exist. While other candidates are treated with kid gloves by the media and shielded from real scrutiny, he can say that he and his family have been falsely associated with all the wrongdoings in this world. He can wave off thick headlines that have been alleging, on a non-stop basis, that he is the blackest man, literally and figuratively, among the presidential wannabes. He can claim, with a certain amount of truth, that while the others have escaped scrutiny (like the Republican rivals of Ms. Clinton ), he has been recipient of every dirt, the kitchen sink included.

    If his campaign can convince the electorate that the pundits and the media are out to get him and drag him down into infamy because of a bias against him, his campaign will survive. And recapture the ground lost to the incessant media play on his supposed corrupt and venal acts.

    You know what? The Clintons have been accused of every form of sleaze – from corruption (Whitewater) to murder (Vince Foster). I think Mr. Binay has been accused of all forms of sleaze, from massive corruption to murder.

    Binay, like Hillary Clinton, can seamlessly transition into a candidate of the Left. His ideological moorings were pro-union, pro-workers and pro-poor. Many of his friends from the anti-Marcos struggle are still behind him, though grudgingly. The political friends he gained in the 80s, the Laban people who marched with him, are now orphans that can be drafted into action anew. It would not be tough for Mr. Binay to relive the rhetoric of the anti-Marcos struggle and his own proletarian moorings.

    Some doubt whether he can still do that, what with his immense wealth and long years as a member of the Top 1 percent. Maybe his wealth and power have dulled the insurgent in Mr. Binay. Maybe his association with the Erap group has blunted his deep ties to the underclass. But there is no harm in trying. Because adopting the model of Hillary Clinton is right now the only route to survival and probably victory.

    More, the imagined ties of Jojobama to the real President Obama are skin-deep, based on the shared skin pigmentation and hue.

    But adopting the Hillary model is about presenting a candidate dragged down by a seemingly insurmountable moral baggage. But one refusing to back down and quit. I am many things, said Ms. Clinton. But not a quitter.


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    1. I am with you Roldan Guerrero! Mr. Binay has my vote if and only if…

      Another big questions I have in mind is, a Janet Napoles wanted with a bounty on her head surrendered in the President’s Palace! So look out wanted criminals you can now surrender to the President?…or just certain people…like the ones with the pork and the barrels!

      Bethesda, Maryland

    2. Sir,
      VP Binay will be a run away winner by 2016 Presidential election,we talking here the choice of the people,we are talking here who is amongst them that can truly serve the hopeless Filipinos,we are talking the fake surveys,the trending being conducted by surveying companies who has no evidence to show that they are conducting surveys where? inside their offices?
      Grace Poe will never win against Binay,this is not popularity contest,sensationalism orchestrated by the media,we are choosing a public servant,not double face,grace renounce your citizenship,marami kang nalokong bobong botante! untill now you are claiming together with susan roces and supporters that FPJ won the election without basis,the truth is FPJ lost to GMA admit it don’t foul the public.Happens again what if grace run for president and lost will she blame again Cong.GMA? I urge her supporters let her run and feel the deepening defeat.

    3. Mr.Ronquillo if you have cable tv watch both Fox News channel and CNN and compare them.Me,I stopped watching CNN after I saw its coverage of the US presidential debates in 2008 between McCain and Obama.

    4. There is no basis of comparing Hillary Clinton and VP Binay. While you are magnifying the “wrong doing” of Clinton, you are obviously trying to trivialize the “wrong doings” of Binay. While Clinton faced all the allegations against her, Binay is running away from them. While Clinton appeared before congress on her role in Benghazi fiasco, Binay refused to even honor the invitation of the senate. And now you want Binay to turn to your so called ” Clinton model?”

      • Come on….you cannot compare the US Congress and Philippine Congress. The US Congress have respect and they don’t harass the witness, they don’t threaten, and it’s pre-judge. US Congress don’t use tax payers money to demonize an individual just because he/she is running for a higher office.

    5. Bert O. Romero on

      Advice is laudable if not only for one flaw: Bill and Hillary Clinton are two and separate persons with Hillary as the paragon of victim hood by Bill’s sexual perfidies. In Binay’s case , he is the perpetrator of allegedly plunderous acts and not the victim.

    6. Happily Married on

      Mr. Ronquillo,

      I fear that you haven’t been seeing the American press very clearly. Ms. Clinton has been given a HUGE pass by the main stream media in the US. She is their “darling.” The Republican hopefuls, on the other hand, endure endless microscopic scrutiny. Witness the NY Times’ reporting on Marco Rubio’s driving record. He had 4 traffic tickets. But, since that wasn’t enough to raise eyebrows, they added his wife’s tickets to come up with a total of 17. What his wife’s driving record has to do with his ability to lead our nation is beyond me. Mr. Obama NEVER endured such when he was running for either campaign. Our media is VERY left wing and cannot fathom a Republican getting elected. Please get your facts straight next time.

      Best wishes from the USA.

    7. Roldan Guerrero on

      I dont like Binay but if he starts unmasking the PIGNOY now and as long as he reveals all…many will be convinced to vote for him. Probably I must be one among them. He had been keeping so many illegal activities of the PIGNOY. I dare Binay to come out and ignite all the bombshells PIGNOY is hiding.

      • I agree…I think we will see it in the media IF and only IF they report it as it is.