• Mrs. Binay wants VP to drop pres’l bid


    Dr. Elenita Binay wants her husband, Vice President Jejomar Binay, to drop his presidential bid because the allegations of corruption thrown against her family had started affecting her, according to Makati Rep. Abigail Binay.

    In an interview on ABS-CBN’s news channel, the lawmaker said she wants her father to continue with his plan to run for president next year.

    “If you ask my mom she’ll probably say, ‘Yes. I want your dad to quit. I know she keeps on telling my dad, ‘Why are we doing this?’”

    Binay has been implicated in several alleged wrongdoings, including the construction of the new Makati City Hall which his detractors claim was overpriced.

    Recently, the Court of Appeals issued an order freezing the bank deposits of the Binays and some of their friends upon the request of the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC).

    Elenita is also facing malversation and graft charges at the Sandiganbayan for alleged anomalous transactions during her time as Makati mayor.

    But Representative Binay said her father should not drop his presidential ambition because of the attacks against them.

    “We are not going to quit. We are going [to get]through this until 2016 kahit magalit na ang nanay ko (even if my mother will get mad),” she said.

    She added that her father would not have been persecuted and maligned publicly if he did not declare early on his plan to run as chief executive.

    “He is not pretentious,” the lawmaker said. “If you ask me, magagalit ako sa kanya kapag nag-quit siya. Bakit tayo nakikipaglaban if you will just quit in the end? Ayoko noon [I’ll be mad at him if he quit. Why are we fighting if you will just quit in the end? I don’t like that],” the young Binay said.

    “If you do that [quit], you are in effect telling them, ‘You’ve won.’ We don’t want to give them that prize.”

    The Vice President on Sunday said he is more determined to be the next chief executive because he wants to bring “experience and competence” to Malacañang.


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    1. To quit or not to quit still the case against them continues so as to teach them a lesson ” THOU SHALL NOT STEAL”….Family of Thieves!!!

    2. It seems to me nancy binay is also unfit for office. Not only does she think it right her father continues in his post as vice president but he should also still run for president. Is there no shame of anyone in this country. Can she not see what this does to politics & to their party & to themselves. Any decent person would immediately resign & face the charges & get it sorted once & for all. He has kept his position hoping it will help him get rid of all these chages against him. Im sorry binay but the evidence is mounting by the day, & very soon you will have to face this in court. Lets see your defence & i hope for your sake its more robust than cj coronas, we want evidence not speeches. Speeches show guilt evidence proves something one way or the other. The prosecution is building their evidence, you need to build your evidence.
      Its very easy to show where your money came from. Then when the courts can see that, they will know if you are guilty or innocent.

      • ano naman ang kinalaman ni Nancy Binay sa balitang ito. Di ba si Abigail ang kausao ng reporter?

    3. Elias Simeon on

      Why are we doing this?, asked Mrs. Binay and VP Binay answered, “because honey, you will be in Mandaluyong while I and JunJun will be in Muntinglupa if I don’t win the election.”

    4. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      To the Binay family. Give back the money you stole from the people’s money and may all of you be in jail and worst in HELL. Hindi natutulog ang DIYOS sa kasakiman ninyong pamilya sa pera ng bayan. Stop your LIES Binay family. Majority of the Filipinos are praying to save the Philippines from you, Binay. Tinalo pa ni Binay sina Estrada, Marcos, at GMA sa pagnanakaw ng pera. To the Leftists, NPAs, ipag-tanggol ninyo naman ang pera ng bayan na ninakaw nina Binay. Ngayon ninyo ipakita sa buong bayan na hindi kayo bayaran ng mga Binay. Ngayon ninyo ipakita sa buong sambayanan ang ipinaglalaban ninyong principiyo. Na laban kayo sa katiwalian at ang pang-aabuso ng mga Binays.