Mrs. Binay’s arraignment reset anew


The arraignment of Vice President Jejomar Binay’s wife, former Makati mayor Elenita Binay, was canceled anew on Thursday.

The Sandiganbayan’s Third Division moved the arraignment of Binay and six co-accused to February 26 because of pending motions related to the case.

Her co-accused, Conrado Pamintuan and Jaime De Los Reyes, have filed an urgent motion seeking to void the charges, while Dulce Cruz has a pending appeal to the court’s findings on the existence of probable cause.

Given these pending matters, Mrs. Binay’s lawyer asked that the arraignment be reset.

Mrs. Binay, a medical doctor, and six co-respondents including Ernesto Aspillaga, Cruz, Pamintuan, De Los Reyes and Luz Garcia face graft and malversation charges in connection with the alleged anomalous purchase of medical equipment and supplies amounting to about P45 million.

All of the accused are out on bail.

In November 2014, the anti-graft court reset the arraignment to January 29, 2015 after Binay expressed her intention to appeal an earlier court resolution setting the arraignment.

De Los Reyes and Pamintuan, through their lawyers, also asked for the deferment of the arraignment pending a motion seeking dismissal of the case. Cruz likewise asked for deferment pending the resolution of her appeal.

Aspillaga’s camp joined the request for deferment, saying that the ruling in the motion to quash would affect his case.

The court then reset the arraignment to January 29.


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  1. One of the advantages of the Senate hearings is that the public is somehow informed of the corrupt acts of members of wicked dynasties. Wicked because they rob the poorest of the poor Filipinos of services like health, education, roads, transportation, etc. They prefer their cases to go straight to the Sandiganbayan because the public do not hear of what is going on there. They, postpone, postpone, postpone hearings until a member of their dysnaty gets in power and they get pardoned absolutely. ABSOLUTE EVIL.