Mrs. Binay’s move to stop Sandigan ruling fails


Prosecutors are blocking Vice President Jejomar Binay’s wife Elenita’s appeal to reverse a Sandiganbayan Third Division’s ruling that had set reading of charges against her.

Mrs. Binay’s arraignment in two cases, each consisting one count of graft and malversation, did not push through last November 20 as she expressed her intention to appeal the division’s resolution.

In her motion for reconsideration/clarification, she said she has a pending petition for certiorari before the Supreme Court (SC), wherein she asked that, pending the petition, a preliminary injunction/temporary restraining order (TRO) be issued on the Sandiganbayan and Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP).

The petitions challenged her inclusion in amended graft and malversation charges early this year in connection with the allegedly overpriced purchase of hospital beds for Ospital ng Makati when she was mayor of Makati City (Metro Manila).

Mrs. Binay said she intends to question before the SC the graft and malversation charges against her over the allegedly anomalous purchase of medical equipment and supplies.

But prosecutors handling the case opposed her appeal, saying Dr. Binay did not present any justifiable reason to further suspend proceedings.

According to them, the Rules of Court provide that petitions for certiorari, prohibition or mandamus “shall not interrupt the course of the principal case unless a temporary restraining order or a writ of preliminary injunction has been issued against the public respondent from further proceeding in the case.”


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  1. I am not privy to the records of the case but I know from experience that any purchase by a government unit is always a collegial decision by its council or its board. Hence, Ms. Binay can never be singled out as the one who purchased those hospital beds. What I know is that like Manila where Mr. Isko as Vice Mayor would always preside all council sessions, it is the vice mayor who may have presided on those council sessions that passed the resolution providing for the budget that allowed the purchase of those hospital beds. The mayor would only affix his/her signature as a matter of procedure.

  2. How does it work in the philippines when a hospital buys new beds. In the uk the hospital administrators not politicians purchase all equipment the hospital requires. Surely you also have administrators running each hospital.
    I for the life of me cant understand how binay would be there looking to buy hospital beds.
    Please answer this question someone.

    If its not her duty to purchase hospital beds then its obvious she has only done this as a get rich quick scheme for herself. Even the lowest achiever in class would look at who seels hospital beds & compare prices before purchasing any. & im sure that same person wouldnt be stupid enough to purchase for P500,000 when it could be bought for P25,000 unless there was a huge back door payment for you. & there it is, tui gave her a big back door payment.
    I bet he is already regretting getting involved with the binays & standing up for them, he will soon be in very deep trouble. I see jail looking him in the face. He wont get special treatment like binay will.