• Mrt Chief Resigns


    The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) on Monday named Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) chief Honorito Chaneco as the new officer in charge of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT-3) replacing erstwhile General Manager Al Vitangcol.

    Vitangcol said he was not relieved but resigned from his post.

    Czech Ambassador to the Philippines Josef Rychtar had said Vitangcol was among
    government officials who attempted to extort $30 million from Czech-based Inekon Group in exchange for a contract to supply trains coaches for MRT 3.

    DOTC spokesperson Michael Sagcal said Vitangcol was instrumental in introducing alternative ideas to current technical problems at MRT such as the express train service and the testing of articulated bus.



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    1. Aquinomix with Graft and Cor.... on

      Malinis ba itong pumalit o pareho din? Baka dabarkads din ito or KKKK?

    2. Vitangcol is another bureaucrat who took advantage of government position to grab financially lucrative services contract with MRT on behalf of his wife’s uncle. I praise Mr. J. Bondoc for exposing this irregular anomaly of awarding service contract without bidding to his wife’s uncle. Vitangcol lack a sense of propriety in awarding this contract giving undue consideration to family kinship rather than the merit of the awardee/contractor, as it appeared that the awardee has no track record or experience in handling locomotive service and maintenance. Vitangco took the correct decision of resigning (?) from his position of trust. I hope the successor has the honesty and integrity to manage the MRT without any eye for financial reward.
      Vitangcol was alleged to have conspired with de Vera, an associate, in attempting to extort $30Million dollars from a Czech locomotive company in the supply or renovation of several train coaches. This demand of De Vera group was said to whittle down to $2.5 million but was finally rebuffed and rejected by the Czech company. Vitangcol should have long fired or kicked out of his position by Pnoy when this anomaly surfaced. Any perception of corruption is enough ground to replace any bureaucratic manager to prevent a full blown opportunity of corruption!
      VITANGCOL GOOD RIDDANCE! Now I hope MRT will have smooth operation and save a lot of costs for the welfare of Filipino hard-working riders!
      Jun Adan
      New York City