MRT maintenance provider has a lot of explaining to do


Officials of the Autre Porte Techinque Global Inc. (APT Global), the maintenance provider of the MRT 3, have a lot of explaining to do before the Senate Committee on Public Services on its next scheduled hearing.

Based on the documents obtained from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), some of the company’s incorporators have questionable statuses or addresses.

At least three of its incorporators, who registered their addresses in Paranaque, Quezon City, and Manila, can nowhere be found and their supposed neighbors haven’t heard or seen them at all.

In its 2013 renewal of registration at the SEC, the APT Global listed almost all of its incorporators as its members of the board as well.

One example that is listed as a board director is Fernanda Gantala. However, when TV5 checked in her given address yesterday, they told the TV crew that she works as a secretary in the principal’s office of a public school nearby, and is not connected at all with APT Global.

Another puzzling information listed by APT Global on its SEC registration is Grace Barreto, who is said to have the biggest stocks in the said company with investments of P3.2 million.

However, a check with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) main office shows that Grace Barreto does not have a record with them. It seems that she has never filed any income tax return at all.

In an interview with officials of APT Global in their office in Makati Wednesday, they admitted that the names of the incorporators and its board of directors submitted before the SEC where not really officials or founders of the company but mostly relatives of their employees.

APT Global Business Development Officer Jose Lakindanum admitted they did it in good faith because they wanted the company registered right away in 2003 to be able to hire the engineers and technicians that were going to be left behind by the Belgian company that maintained the MRT 3 back then.

I am not really sure if the owners APT Global are aware that they are guilty of falsification of public documents and perjury for giving false or wrong information to the SEC.

Clearly these APT owners are foolish, thinking they can get away with falsifying or giving wrong information to the authorities.

The Senate Committee on Public Services should grill this board of directors of APT Global…Obviously they are hiding something!!!

* * *

Senate blue ribbon should summon “Gina Dilay”
The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee should start looking into reports that a certain Gina Dilay corners almost all juicy projects of the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC).

Nothing wrong actually if Mrs. Dilay gets all the projects of the agency so long as she wins it fair and square during the bidding.

Unfortunately, Dilay is said to be the wife of DOTC’s Philippine National Railways Gen. Mgr. Joseph Allan Dilay, according to the employees of the department.

In this case, isn’t Gina Dilay violating the anti-graft law and her husband guilty of violating the civil service code?


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  1. Ikabod Bubwit on

    How can falsifying public documents be done in good faith ??? Falsifying public documents is a criminal act !!! But PeNoy-PaNot is still sitting pretty in Malacanang with his abnormal grin and doing nothing !!! LIKO-LIKONG DAAN TALAGA !!!

  2. lleuxquiocho on

    Mr.Tulfo, the DOTC’s Bids & Awards Committee (BAC) should have conducted the investigation prior to awarding the APT Global the contract… LGUs do that even in the procurement of several pieces of ballpen!!! as mandated by RA 9184!!!

    • The reason they didn’t is that after all those failed bids, Abaya declared there was no more time left and declared the need for an emergency procurement, allowing him to award it to PH Trams which is embedded in APT Global. No one saw fit to question it, maybe because of Abaya’s connection to the ruling party. Incidentally, after the last two bids a month or so ago, Abaya has once again brought up the phrase ’emergency procurement’. If he doesn’t renew APT Global’s contract he may award it to a company that promised him kickbacks, an arrangement his boy Vitangcol tried to do with Inekon, who called him out.

  3. Fiona de Guzman on

    I don’t understand why the government keeps on extending the contract of APT Global and I don’t believe that the twice failed bidding are even legal to begin with. It’s too good to be true that nobody wants to bid on a government project like this one except when DOTC forces them not to bid so they can continue to milk out the funds using APT Global then transfer it to LP’s funds.

    It’s a classic corruption method. But sadly, people began to take notice when MRT didn’t work like it used to.

  4. Great investigative work, Mr. Tulfo. Now the big question is: Will the BIR and other government agencies do anything about a company that is under the protection of Jun Abaya, head of the ruling Liberal Party? Will the Senate conduct the investigation you recommend. I would expect such sleazy behavior from two-bit companies, but not from one entrusted with the upkeep of the country’s main means of rail transportation. Which makes me now think that APT Global IS a two-bit company, contrary to Abaya’s claims that they are an established firm. All the more reason to let Metro Pacific and Sumitomo take over.

  5. How long has global apt been in operation & has been getting away with financial irregularities including falsifying documents & no one seems to be able to notice it for year after year. It seems this country is just so far behind in everything that the bir doesnt have a clue about who should or shouldnt pay taxes. No one seems to ever be checked out. Its just so easy to get away with things in this country. Then they wonder why they dont get the tax revenues that should be easily collected. Then you have senators calling for & willing to debate allowing manny pacquiao to be exempted from paying tax because he brings so much prestige to the philippines. What a load of tosh. This country is run by idiots. Manny pacquiao is a fighter full stop. Him winning anything doesnt make the philippines superior to any other country. He is just a sportsman. I coud say to you well is the reason you are so useless in the olympics down to they have strict checks on drug taking in sports where as in boxing they dont have those same checks, because remember manny pacquiao was the first & only fighter ever to refuse rbt to fight night.
    I think you need to get your people properly educated as something is drastically wrong in the way you lot think.
    Another very simple one is how many of you see a foreigner here & say he is rich, purely because he is a foreigner, as i said stupid.

  6. What happened to MRT is the worst definition of tuwid na daan. Here is proof of corruption with incompetence that is the primary reason for the state of the MRT right now and yet PNOY is not doing anything about it.

  7. but if these people mentioned are all friends of the administration and they did it in “ood faith”, they’re free. they’re just copying their masters.