• MRT maintenance provider inutile


    What’s this I heard from the grapevine lately that the reason this no-good and useless maintenance contractor of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) continues to do the repairs and upkeep of its dilapidated trains and rails to this day is its strong ties or connections to Interior Secretary Mar Roxas?

    Rumors circulating within the DOTC these days say the owner of MRT maintenance contractor, Global Autre Porte Technique Inc., Mario Dela Cruz, is a close friend of Roxas and contributed extravagantly to his vice-presidential bid during the 2010 national election.

    Roxas has denied helping Dela Cruz secure the maintenance contract at MRT, and swore to have not seen or talked Dela Cruz after the 2010 elections.

    But many wonder why DOTC continues to tap the services of Global APT of Dela Cruz when its contract with them has expired in September 2014?

    DOTC officials simply say no one is interested in joining the bidding for the maintenance of MRT which costs around P57 million a month . . . Awww C’mon!!!

    The Senate should seriously look into this allegation of “utang na loob” that allows Global APT to continue to maintain the MRT that is usually out of order.

    Kawawa ang mga mananakay habang nagpapayaman si Mario Dela Cruz!!!

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    PNoy’s woes his own doing
    President Aquino can only blame himself for the predicament he is in right now as the number of people, asking for his resignation continues to grow by the thousands everyday.

    My mole inside Malacañang told me PNoy is rattled these days not only due to the clamor for his resignation, spearheaded by his own uncle, but also because of the ongoing investigations by the PNP Board of Inquiry and the Senate on the Mamasapano Massacre.

    Both retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz and San Beda Graduate School of Law Dean Fr. Ranhillo Aquino agree that the President creates his own problems.

    Archbishop Cruz recalled PNoy’s first blunder came during the Luneta hostage crisis. Several Hong Kong tourists were butchered by a mentally deranged police officer as SWAT operatives awaited orders from the President the whole day whether to shoot the suspect or allow him to give up. The crisis ended up badly as both the hostages and the their captor died.

    Then came the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) scams, wherein a couple of his cabinet members were directly involved but surprisingly were never fired. Many more scandals followed.

    Finally, the death of forty-four police commandos in Maguindanao last month drew anger from the public as PNoy refuses to accept responsibility for their death, being the commander-in-chief.

    And instead of paying homage to his fallen troops on the arrival of their cadavers in Villamor Airbase, the President opted to attend a car manufacturing plant inauguration in Laguna.

    Fr. Aquino said the public sees all these lapses of the President as a sign of immaturity and the people want to see changes now, thus their call for his resignation.

    Let’s face it…we elected a President that is dull.



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    1. MRT woes have been plaguing the society for several years now and the previous months are too burdensome for us commuters. This is how these people in power give back to their financial supporters during elections. What will happen to those failed bidding contracts? Will APT Global continue to enjoy sumptuous monthly maintenance fee from our taxes? Of course, Pnoy is far too busy being stupid than fire his DOTC people.

    2. With regard to the MRT the blame game always seeks the sympathy of the riding public. But they have forgotten the facts that the original owners never had the intentions of improving the service. As the ridership continues to grow, the original owners are reaping hefty profits. Did they invested a single centavo in upgrading the trains and service? Now you blame the present administration and other personalities. What a cop out, by resorting to name calling the President “dull” according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, full definition of dull- mentally slow: stupid….. Does our President deserve this kind of journalistic exercise?

    3. the PENOY cabinet including the boss has created a perfect scam. a bottomless pit of money well for them and their crony. they had practically sequestered the MRT and put it in shambles so that only their crony company will remain interested. Who cares about commuters or government assets, they will all be out in 2016 with a lot of money in their accounts more than enough to pay top caliber lawyers to fight graft cases against them.

    4. It would be more accurate to say that no one is interested in bidding for a maintenance contract whose Terms of Reference make it too difficult for a provider to realize a profit. As a result, APT-Global’s contract gets extended month-to-month. As a reminder, this is exactly the same stunt DOTC pulled when they took over the MRT maintenance in 2012: Bids kept failing until Abaya called an emergency procurement, which was to hire crony PH Trams (later APT-Global) straight away with no bid. Will we see a repeat? The irony is that the MVP group has offered to rehabilitate, upgrade and operate the MTRT at no cost to government, but for reasons already mentioned, Abaya insists on open bidding. (For ‘transparency’ he said. This from the man who could not provide a maintenance log since DOTC took over in 2012.)

    5. There is more to the Marlo dela Cruz story. After Mar removed Sumitomo, the MRT’s reputable maintenance provider, he or Abaya replaced them with PH Trams, an undercapitalized and newly-formed company whose director-incorporators included dela Cruz. When it was revealed that another incorporator, Arturo Soriano, was an uncle of Al Vitangcol of the DOTC, they switched over to APT Global. And the representative of APT Global for that deal? None other than Marlo dela Cruz. The corruption continues. It is believed that Little PH Trams is actually embedded in the large APT Global.

    6. Erwin you may be wrong on this mrt. On the television news its been said that not a single company put in a bid to take over the maintenance contract. Now if some had surely they would have contacted the newspapers & told them they were interested & had put in a bid. That is common sense. I think the reason is they have all looked at it & seeing what a shambles it is in they cant see how they can make a profit as there are always so many fines for under performing. & until you can get things sorted it will continue to under perform & so the heavy fines ( about 50% of the contract price per year ) is putting them off as they want to make a profit from their business.