• MRT3 awards steel supply contract


    The operator of the Metro Rail Transit Line-3 awarded the P61.5-million contract for the supply of 7,296 meters of steel rails for the train system to Jorgmann-Daewoo-MBTech Joint Venture.

    In September 2014, the DOTC formed a transition team composed of engineers and staff of the MRT-3 Office and the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) to closely monitor and assist maintenance work on the MRT-3 system.

    The move is intended to give government a direct role in ensuring that safety requirements are met and protocols are properly followed on a daily basis in the interest of the riding public.

    Major upgrades that are already underway are the addition of 48 brand new train cars and the automation of the railway ticketing system.

    The new train cars will increase passenger capacity by 66 percent. This means that the current three-car configuration will be made into four-car sets, and that trains will arrive at 2.5-minute intervals instead of the current three minutes.

    The prototype unit of the new train cars will be tested on the system by August 2015, and once approved, three to four new units will be delivered every month thereafter.

    While complete delivery of the 48 train cars will be only accomplished in December 2016, each monthly delivery will already afford partial relief to riders, the DOTC said.

    MRT-3 is currently operated by the Metro Rail Transit Corp. (MRTC), a private company operating in partnership with the DOTC under a Build-Operate-Transfer agreement.

    The MRT-3 carries about 600,000 passengers daily on its 17-kilometer route.
    Among of the three rapid transit of Metro Manila, MRT-3 is the busiest.


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