• M’sapano, China row drag PH peace rank


    The tense situation in the West Philippine Sea and the infamous Masasapano incident has contributed to the big drop of the Philippines’ Global Peace Index ranking.

    According to the 2015 Global Peace Index report issued by the Institute for Economics and Peace, the Philippines is now placed 141st from 134 in 2014.

    The Global Peace Index measures the state of peace in 162 countries based on 23 indicators in three main categories – ongoing domestic and international conflict, societal safety and security and militarization.
    The report said 81 countries have become more peaceful in 2014 while 78 have deteriorated.

    The Philippines scored 2.462 in the index and was among the countries with “low” state of peace. Last year, the Philippines was in 134th place with a score of 2.456.

    The Philippines is ranked last among Southeast Asian countries and is just ahead North Korea in the Asia-Pacific.

    The West Philippine Sea remains a potential area for conflict, with countries involved in the dispute (China, Vietnam and the Philippines) all showing a worsening of their scores in the 2015 index, the report said.

    Although the likelihood of further military skirmishes in the disputed waters is high, a large-scale military engagement remains unlikely, the report said.

    “The Philippines suffered from an escalation of internal conflicts between the government and rebel groups occurring late in the measurement period,” the report added.

    Commenting on the analysis that the territorial row with China was among the contributing factors to the lowering of the country’s ranking, Malacañang said Manila will stick to its “rules-based” approach on the matter.

    “Government has always advocated a peaceful and rules-based approach in resolving the issues concerning the West Philippine Sea, and from the outset, the Philippines chose arbitration as the vehicle towards attaining that goal,” Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said on state-run dzRB radio.

    “In fact, the international community expressed solidarity in this approach chosen by the Philippines,” he added.

    The Philippines had sought international arbitration in its sea dispute with China, which has maintained its presence in the area including the Scarborough Shoal.

    “We are awaiting the findings of the permanent court of arbitration on this matter,” Coloma said.

    On one hand, the Palace official maintained that achieving long-term peace, stability, and progress in Mindanao remains the “top priority of the government.”

    “Thus, it is working towards the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). Although debates about the BBL went beyond the last session of Congress, we see this as an opportunity to harmonize the differing viewpoints,” he said.


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    1. Filipino must cool down and be very cautious in engaging with China. There are thousand ways to inflict damage to Philippine, here are the examples:
      1. Boycott all Philippine services including such as Filipino Worker in Hongkong, Taiwan and Singapore. Replace the worker from Indonesian etc.
      2. Stop all Philippine product from agriculture and sea product entering HK, Taiwan, Singapore and other countries.
      3. Most trading whether inbound,outbound and overseas are under the Chinese merchants, therefore is easier to inflict pains to the Filipino.
      4. in Sector Banking and Financial the Philippine is more dependent on Asian Chinese than American. The Philippine Exchange is under the mercy of Chinese of local, Singapore and Hk.
      5. Bangsamoro prefer the Chinese than their historic belligerent enemy Yankee. China may use the Moro to exert deadly presure to Malacanang.
      6. Excite the local and the Philipino Chinese to overthrow current government.
      7. If the Philippine Chinese is murdered, then kill 10 fold for each.
      8. Invade Philippine for the same reason Russia attack Crimea for protection of her people.

      Diplomatic, diplomatic and diplomatic discussion with China is the best way.

    2. teddy adante on

      Humiliate ka’mo.klaro ng may nag utos ng stand down para walang re eñforcement pra sa SAF44.yellow ka ba?

    3. Norodin Lucman on

      There is no comparison between the Mamasapano Incident and China row with GPH on Spratly islands. Mamasapano is a media hype fueled by insidious conspiracy to humiliate Pres. Aquino and the Bangsamoro people while Chinese incursions inside Philippine territory is a major geopolitical game changer. The Fallen 44 is now a stat but it dragged down the honor and dignity of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.