MTRCB conducts inspection on passenger buses and terminals


The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) conducted an inspection and information drive on passenger buses and various bus terminals during the Holy Week rush on March 27 and 28 when the majority of the work force headed home to provinces for the break.

Led by MTRCB Chairperson Rachel Arenas, the regular inspection and information drive aims to increase public awareness and to ensure that buses only exhibited materials within the General Audience (“G”) or Parental Guidance (“PG”) film classification, so that children on board will not be exposed to materials inappropriate for their ages.

MTRCB Chairperson Rachel Arenas distributes the Primer for Commuter Awareness Pamphlets to bus passengers during the Holy Week inspection

There were three violations gathered on the first day of inspection at Araneta Bus Station and Araneta Bus Port according to MTRCB’s Monitoring and Inspection Unit (MIU). The buses were from Ceres Transport Inc., Ceres Gold Star and Elavil all of which displayed video materials without ratings. The Universal Serial Bus (USB) drive found at Elavil Bus was confiscated by the MIU and will serve as evidence of their violation. The Ceres Transport bus and the Ceres Gold Star bus also exhibited films beyond the PG rating.

The following day, the inspection continued at Florida Bus Terminal and at Victory Liner Terminal to cover more stations for the info drive and to guarantee that passengers only viewed versions of materials approved by the agency. Arenas was accompanied by board member Joey Romero, and both officials were happy to announce that no violations were found in these bus companies.


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