MTS 950 is also for beginners


The Ducati Multistrada 950 is probably one, if not, the most comfortable and user-friendly adventure/enduro bike out in the market today. The 33.1-inch standard seat height is perfect for me and makes handling the bike almost effortless even when stopped. The 32.3- to 33.9-inch seat height options is very much welcome for riders of different height.

The Multistrada or MTS 950 is a result of getting the lightest parts from the Multistrada 1200 and the Enduro 1200. The exhaust, swing arm, and wheels were taken from the Enduro. The total weight of the MTS 950 is an impressive 500 lbs with tank filled at 90 percent. No wonder, the MTS 950 is so rider friendly and so easy to ride.

The engine displacement is 937cc generating 113 hp, and is found in the Super Sport and Hypermotard line-up. But somehow, I felt the MTS 950 had more torque than the Super Sport, and it was probably from the MTS 950 being configured closer to the Hypermotard for the bike’s intent and purposes. The tuning of the engine is initially tame and smooth, but packs walloping power once it reaches its power band at around 3,500 rpm.

The four riding modes are individually impressive but what caught my attention was the Enduro mode, a setting meant not only for trails but also for extra wet surfaces, may it be asphalt or mud. In this mode, rpms are high and the engine’s behavior can be compared to a truck in 4×4 mode, guaranteeing traction. It will prevent the bike from sinking in sand or mud, with the gradual increase or reduction of the wheel spin on acceleration and deceleration preventing the rear wheel from digging itself in loose and soft surfaces.

Another important practical factor especially for our weather type and traffic situation is the bike’s engine temperature. The highest engine temperature I reached in a 30-minute crawl-and-go traffic was an astounding 104 degrees Centigrade, and surprisingly, especially for a Ducati, the engine heat dissipated toward my calf then down to my ankles. And I kid you not the engine heat was actually negligible and definitely a plus and an improvement for a Ducati.

Another plus are the side mirrors. Its perfect! The vision is so wide and clear on both sides. I can easily focus it to where I’m comfortable and amazingly without seeing my arms. It had an adjustable windscreen that can easily be adjusted with one hand even while riding. I’m not a fan of windscreens but find it a necessary evil on standard bikes but with the MTS 950 windscreen, I can definitely coexist with it without cursing it.

Quite flexible
While the MTS 950 was designed with long-range touring primarily in mind, it can also be for trail riding for probably more rugged hardcore surfaces by putting different tires on it. This is primarily because of the suspension. Although a given in any Ducati, the suspension on the MTS 950 makes the handling flawless like an Italian gelato – smooth, creamy, and such a delight. It behaved how I expected it to, and it was very predictable in a very safe manner. That can boost a rider’s confidence while reducing errors.

I would highly recommend the MTS 950 as a beginner’s adventure bike, or for people with no experience or zero knowledge on these kinds of bikes. And in my humble opinion, the MTS 950 is the easiest and most effortless adventure bike out in the market and if there is a more comfortable bike out there, you will probably find chimps riding them or maybe with queen-sized bed.

In fact, I honestly want one for myself even though my DNA is configured to be all about horsepower and balls to the tank type.

So whether you are a beginner, an upgrader. or even a lady rider, this is the bike that I insist you try.



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