• Much ado about the ‘Brian-Jasmine’ meet

    ‘My Fair Lady’ Jasmine Curtis and her new admirer Brian Llamanzares

    ‘My Fair Lady’ Jasmine Curtis and her new admirer Brian Llamanzares

    And a bit about the show, ‘My Fair Lady’
    On Thursday, The Manila Times online edition ran a story titled, “Brian Llamanzarez surprise meets’ Jasmine Curtis.” As the report went, there was a bit of a disconnect at the end of TV5’s press conference for the cast of its upcoming TV series, My Fair Lady that day, led by the truly fair Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

    At the end of what was a very usual question and answer portion, which really mostly focused on the upcoming Filipino adaptation of the popular Korean drama series, the Brian-Jasmine meet ensued.

    Out of the blue, it was announced that Brian Poe Llamanzares—son of Sen. Grace Poe—was at the venue so he could finally meet Jasmine as a surprise. How long had he been stalking the actress, the moderator jokingly asked, as Brian went up the presidential table—seating the show’s cast—with a bouquet of flowers for Jasmine.

    In reply, the well-spoken grandson of Philippine Movie Queen Susan Roces said he had first seen Jasmine on a billboard along Katipunan for a local fashion label, and was taken with her good looks. From then on, as his story went, he had wanted to meet her, and was reassured by his friends in Ateneo de Manila University that since Jasmine was attending the same college, Brian’s chances of meeting her were pretty good. He never did though, so there he was apparently, at her show’s press conference.

    The clincher of the entire scene was when Brian, in front of the entertainment press and Jasmine’s co-actors, publicly declared he hopes to ask the actress’ sister Anne Curtis for permission to her soon.

    Since that fateful day, The Manila Times had gathered different reactions from different folks over Brian’s big surprise. For many, his public declaration of admiration for Jasmine was a scene-stealer—shadowing TV5’s promo for My Fair Lady for it certainly has no bearing over the show’s ratings. Others judged it as a political gimmick what with everyone still wondering of Brian’s mom Sen. Grace Poe will run for president or vice president in 2016, as well as rumours that Brian himself is also throwing his hat in the political race.

    Still there were others who chalked up the whole thing to “showbiz,” and even admitted being entertained by the decent young man’s bold act, possibly in the name of love.

    Only time will tell if Brian’s much talked about declaration of admiration for Jasmine was not an act. So in the meantime, come and read about what the press conference was originally intended for with a bit of information on My Fair Lady.

    The show is the local adaptation of the 2009 hit Koreanovela of the same title. In the series, Jasmine plays Audrey Tiuseco, the richest “It Girl” and heiress in the Philippines.

    As expected of anyone coming from a prominent family, Audrey is blessed with beauty, intelligence and a very regal demeanour. But because she lost both her parents at a very young age, she also grew up a spoiled brat.

    She finally meets her match in Hero (Vin Abrenica), her new all-in-one assistant who for a change is neither intimidated by nor afraid of her.

    The plot further thickens when Audrey next meets Benjie (Luis Alandy), a kind-hearted environmentalist who bears a striking resemblance to an ex-boyfriend who cheated on her.

    A love triangle ensues, as well as a mystery that needs solving for Audrey’s good.

    Besides Jasmine, Vin and Luis, My Fair Lady also stars Eddie Guttierez, Joross Gamboa, Chanel Morales, Yayo Aguila, DJ Durano, Jenny Miller, Katrina Legaspi and Marjorie Barretto. It is directed by Ricky Rivero and will begin airing on September 14 on TV5.


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