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The Philippines is a known place for foodies. When it comes to food, Filipinos have tried everything from every part of the world, making them renowned tastemakers wherever they go.

One of the greatest trends that I hear from the pickiest eaters is their love for matcha, described as powdered green tea leaves that when dissolved in hot water is used to make tea or even used as a flavoring. A trend that started in Japan, it took over the Philippines by storm but it is often hard to find.

Good thing brothers LJ and Shalom Molina brought it to the Philippine market via One Matcha, “We’ve been a big fan of green tea latte since we were young. We’ve always experimented with different versions of green tea and would find difficulty in getting good ones in the country. We didn’t realize there was such big market for it and that’s when we decided to open a store that specifically focused on serving matcha alone.”

Matcha or green tea is a great antioxidant

In fact, the name One Matcha was derived for this very reason, they were the only ones exclusively selling matcha in the Metro.

They went on to say that, “We wanted to share not just the great taste of matcha through different drinks and desserts but also to extend the many great health benefits of it. The biggest benefit of course is that it’s a great antioxidant.”

They go on to say that this became their biggest challenge simply because it has not been done before,
“Matcha has been present in the market for a long time but there has never been a store that just focused on it specifically. The challenge was actually growing the market beyond the community of matcha lovers already present.”

The rise of One Matcha has also brought the brothers closer together, debunking the myth that owning a business as a family creates tension, “We work together to create new flavors. We experiment and encourage other family members to be involved in the process as well. We want everyone to contribute to the business’ success.” In fact, even Shalom’s girlfriend, Jaja, is an active participant in the business and it has done One Matcha good.

Shalom Molina (right) with girlfriend Jaja

They are surprised at how well the business is doing, “We are astounded and blessed with the performance of One Matcha. It has definitely exceeded our expectations. We were very surprised and humbled at people’s reviews on social media.”

One Matcha, which is located in Quezon City, is visited by customers coming from Cavite, Laguna, Parañaque, Bulacan, and other nearby places.

When asked what the secret was, they were quick to say, “Find a product that you really believe in and find a way to share it with your community.”

To know more about One Matcha, like them on Facebook or visit them at The Station Food Hub, 178 Maginhawa Street, Quezon City.


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