‘Much Madness’ from Jun Jun Ablaza


Becky Garcia

Jun Jun Ablaza outdid himself again. Veering away from the glitter and opulence of his creations that many are familiar with, the designer presented a mind boggling collection that inspired and amazed the spectators of the Manila Fashion Festival held at the Marquee tent of Edsa Shangri-la Hotel.

Even without incorporating exquisite jewelries and elaborate elements, all of his accessories and clothes were still stamped with his unconventional aesthetic being an enfant terrible of artistic fashion.

His first participation at the event was highly anticipated. Jun Jun, in return, did not disappoint his curious audience as he treated them to an unforgettable fashion indulgence.

The designer with his star for the night, Paolo Ballesteros

His creations were almost unthinkable, but Jun Jun had brilliantly converted the most conventional things to create his unconventional Much Madness collection—a highly imaginative interpretation of the rise of industrialistic trend in fashion.

Much Madness is composed of wearable and uniquely re-purposed clothing and accessories. Instead of his usual high quality jewelry creations, his latest collection had whimsical accessories made up of a mixture of hardware items. There were ear curves made of alligator clips. Metallic items such as nuts, bolts, hinges, locks, and screws were incorporated with leather, ropes and magnets to become an assortment of accessories such as a breastplate and ear hooks.

The show started with actor Paolo Ballesteros appearing in an outrageously big ensemble made of several white bubble jackets constructed as one wearable item. The amazement never stopped there as each of the models paraded wearing one astonishing piece after another.

The designer (leftmost) with his guests (from left) Gil Christian Perez, Yurika Albaladejo, Tan Tan Teodoro, Freesia Heradez, Joseph Gerard Jose, and Raymond Ordonez

Oversized tops and jackets were all made up of different items. Additionally, there were tops that are entirely made of electrical rubber gloves. Some were made up of a dozen or more beanies and fisherman hats. Gray and black utilitarian bags were converted as sleeves. Various types of jackets and knitted clothing were sewn together as an avant garde wear.

Every piece of Jun Jun’s Much Madness did no fail to fascinate. The good thing is that those were not only made to be admired on the runway. The truly adventurous can now have a unique made to measure piece made by Jun Jun.

It is truly a mad collection to wear, treasure and love. I wonder what it will be in his next show. Congratulations Jun Jun!


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