Much of DAP funds went to new helicopters


The Development Acceleration Fund should not be misconstrued as evil, we see that our Armed Forces, like the Philippine Air Force has new helicopters. These new helicopters are now ferrying foodstuffs and assorted relief goods to Zamboanga and earthquake-stricken Bohol. So, part of the DAP went to a very good and noble purpose—service to the people.

Our attitude should not be to judge so easily the objectives of the DAP. We can see that it is not used haphazardly as it goes to something good, like AFP modernization, education, relief operations and other priorities that need fund assistance.

As the President said, the government will run after thieves and the corrupt, but will use extra funds that goes to something of importance, like the new helicopters which are now being utilized daily to deliver goods, help and hope.

Oscar S. Dimayuga
Coron, Palawan


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  1. Well, okay; but are we sure nobody enriched in the deal. We do all know that when it comes to government bidding or negotiation procedures, there is the usual SOP percentage for the boys. Furthermore, this is a kind of Robinhood approach; robbing the PDAP to obtain DAP to accelerate something to fix or doctor the NEDA figures as dictated by the IMF World Bank.

  2. Are we sure nobody got fat commission on the purchase of the AFP helicopters? Are we sure the copters were not overpriced with the excess money going into some general’s or legislators’ pockets? Did anyone bother to find out how much the government paid for the helicopters and how much they actually cost? These are valid questions that the COA auditors should ask when they audit the purchase, which they should.

  3. Well I’m glad at least it didn’t go to the pockets of corrupt politicians and fake NGOs. Our armed forces being so ill equipped, we needed the choppers badly anyway.

  4. search first for the truth before believing those who brought into surface about DAP…there was PDAF scam first then one involved in the scam had a diverse tactic to mislead many filipino…
    DAP will soon be tackled in the proper forum (the SC)…its legality…
    9% fund of DAP went to several senators and congressmen…but this is not the fault of the government if crook senators and congressmen used it to bogus NGO or projects…DAP money funded their projects (which they proposed) with trust and confidence of the government that it will be utilized properly and conscientiously…

    soon the SC will issue its judgment and decision on DAP…

  5. Bueno c. Macatangay on

    We need to build facories here of guns ,ammo, ships, aircraftand other military equipments not only buying billions pf pesos likegiving incentives to our paltik gun industry in cebu

  6. Agree 100%. The real issue is stealing via PDAF. Realignment with DAP is an issue best decided by the supreme court. Realignment is not stealing.

  7. Really? To pump the economy, the President bought helicopters……. to send relief goods to victims of calamities…? That was the economic stimulus of DAP…?

    • our air force need new aircrafts and not only choppers and yes Im glad DAP was used to buy these new choppers and need to buy more of these to help in counter insurgency and relief ops. you studid Henry.