‘Mulawin versus Ravena’ on the hardcourt


Team Mulawin (from left) JC Tiuseco, Derrick Monasterio, David Licauco, Miguel Tanfelix, Ervic Vijandre, Neil Sese, Marx Topacio and Marco Alcaraz

The war between the Mulawins and Ravenas has gone beyond the half-human-half-bird kingdoms of Avila and Halconia and on to the hard court. Yes, primetime’s beautiful feathered creatures took their ongoing battle to Quezon City’s Ynares Arena, where the very first “Mulawin versus Ravena” basketball game ensued.

Fans trooped very early to the venue despite the rains eager to see their favorite GMA Network Kapuso stars dribble and shoot.

The players arrived at Ynares on time. Team Mulawin was comprised of the King of Avila Derrick Monasterio, Miguel Tanfelix, JC Tiuseco and David Licauco. Helping them were the imports from other shows. There was Ervic Vijandre and Neil Sese, with reinforcements in Marx Topacio from “Encantadia” and Marco Alcaraz from “Ika-Anim Na Utos.”

Team Ravena on the other hand was led by the King of Halconia Kiko Estrada, Joko Diaz, Dion Ignacio, John Feir and Paolo Gumabao, with “imports” from Encantadia, Pancho Magno and Carlo Gonzales.

The game was intense from beginning to end. Team Mulawin took the early lead with everyone giving their best effort. Miguel, who, compared to the rest of the players is somewhat wanting in height was definitely not lacking when it comes to speed and shooting power. He really gave the players from the team a tough even as they towered over him.

Then again, height indeed proved to be might for Derrick who lorded it over the rebound department. Add to this his agility and awesome layup techniques. Of course, Derrick and Miguel got very able support from their highly reliable team mates JC, Ervic, Neil and Marco.

As for Team Ravena, Kiko showed how good he is in the game. Even his real-life uncle Joko showed class as a baller. Add to these Brian’s speed and techniques in playing the game, as well as Pancho and Carlo’s height and shooting power.

Team Ravena (from left) Kiko Estrada, Dion Ignacio, Paolo Gumabao, Pancho Magno, John Feir, Joko Diaz and Carlo Gonzales

Of course, the fans were delighted to see their favorite stars playing. They cheered so loudly every time their idols scored.

“Sulit kahit pumila kami. Ang ganda ng laban. Sarap panoorin ng mga artista. Ang gagaling nila,” one of them raved.

Besides the throng of fans, Mulawin Vs. Ravena stars Bea Binene and Bianca Umali were also spotted cheering for their co-stars. They told Showbuzz they really enjoyed the game.

“Happy ako kasi ang galing-galing ni Miguel,” Bianca said as she cheered. “This is the first time I watched a basketball game and I’m really enjoying it because they’re so serious about the game. Akala ko nga fun, fun lang pero kina-career nila talaga,” Bea added.

Team Mulawin wasn’t able to dominate the game all the way. There was a point when the Ravenas led the scoreboard. In the middle of the fourth quarter, it was 77 all before the Mulawins wrestled the lead, and there was no looking back for them until the final buzzer. The end score: 85 to 78 in favor of Team Mulawin.

The Mulawin Versus Ravena exhibition game was just the first of a series of sporting activities GMA is planning to hold. Exhibition games in the provinces are already being organized, and the cast is excited to be able to play basketball while meeting their fans across the country in the process.

Just like the past years, Derrick Monasterio celebrated his birthday quietly on August 1. It was his choice not to plan anything, which has been his practice since he started in showbiz. Especially now that he is busy taping for Mulawin versus Ravena, time isn’t a luxury he enjoys too often so planning for a party isn’t easy to do.

“I just want to spend the day quietly with my family. Siguro we’ll just have dinner. Baka rin may ibang close relatives ako na dadating so it will be as simple as that,” Derrick told Showbuzz on the set of Mulawin on the eve of his birthday.

Asked for his birthday wish, the actor said he has nothing to ask for himself, and is simply happy with the way things are going in his life.

“Happy na ako kaya ang wish ko na lang is for my family—that no one among them will get sick. That we’ll all live a healthy and happy life. Another thing that I wish for is peace for the Philippines and the whole world—no more be terror attacks. I’m not kidding, I’m really praying for peace.”

Derrick hadn’t received any gifts as of this interview but said that he considers Mulawin Versus Ravena as the best gift he got this year.

“This is the biggest break that I got in my career and I am just so thankful to the Lord for this big blessing. Of course, I’m grateful to GMA for the trust. I just hope that people will continue supporting me,” he said.

With this big break, Derrick has decided to be more focused in his career. He wants to give his all for the role as King of Avila. He always comes to the set prepared by reading and studying his script at home. He also sees to it that he is physically prepared so that on days with no taping, he goes to the gym.

“I want to look my role. Siyempre as king, dapat, you have the body para convincing for the viewers. Yung isang tingin pa lang sa ‘yo, alam na nilang kaya mong ma-over power ang kalaban mo,” explained Derrick.

Derrick is aware that the last thing he needs is distraction. This is also the reason why he is opting to be single at the moment. “Wala munang love life because it will divide my attention. Kaya pigil-pigil muna ang sarili na ma-in love or else, paano ang career,” he said with a laugh.

Fans of Ivan Dorschner will miss the Kapuso hunk for a month. Ivan left for a month-long vacation in Los Angeles where his family is based. Showbuzz caught up with him at the airport just before he left. He could not walk fast because there were lots of people who came to him for pictures which Ivan gladly accommodated.

“Paalis pa lang ako but I already miss the Philippines,” he volunteered. “I will miss people like you who have been part of my career, my life, since I started working with GMA. Of course, sobrang mami-miss ko ‘yung mga kasama ko sa ‘Meant To Be,’ my producers, the staff, crew, my co-stars and director. They gave me nga a despedida yesterday. Nandu’n si Barbie, Ken, Jak and Addy. Naka-abot si Addy because he has arrived from India. It was Direk LA who took care of the bill.”

It will not be all rest for Ivan in LA though because he will train in martial arts during his vacation, as well as enrolling in parkour class. These are in preparation for projects lined up for him when he returns.

“I still have no idea what my next project will be but I want to be prepared. I’m so excited to start my training and I’m looking forward to my next project when I get back in a month.”

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