Multimodal express up in Pasig River, Laguna de Bay


TO help solve the traffic problem in Metro Manila, the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) and the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) agreed to put up a multimodal express that will traverse Pasig River all the way to Laguna de Bay. The plan is part of the modernization program of the Duterte administration of the country’s entire public transportation system that will benefit millions working in Metro Manila. PRRC Executive Director Jose Antonio Goitia said the multimodal express “would give the Filipino people a vision of a colossal project that would transform the Pasig River into a viable means of transport, aims to provide reliable and efficient modes of water and light rail transportation to over 15 million commuters of Metro Manila and the Province of Laguna.” Aside from modern transportation in the Pasig River and Laguna de Bay, “the project would restore the water quality of the Pasig River to Class C level that supports and sustains aquatic life and resources – conducive for transport, recreation and tourism,” Goitia added. The Laguna de Bay ferry service would allow the riding public to circumnavigate the trading centers and tourist spots near the lake.


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