Muntinlupa’s illegal transpo terminal


An illegal public transport terminal in Muntinlupa City is the cause of the daily monstrous traffic jams in the area.

The terminal has been the object of complaints from residents and motorists alike over the years. Surprisingly, the local government, particularly the police, has not lifted a finger to close the illegal terminal.

A friend who lives in Muntinlupa told me that their homeowners association had filed several complaints at the office of Mayor

Jaime Fresnedi but no action has been taken.

My friend’s neighbors had even turned to a social networking site to bring the problem to the attention of city officials and the police but to no avail.

Even the members of the media have joined the bandwagon and asked Mayor Fresnedi to close the illegal terminal but their call also went unheeded.

Fresnedi’s constituents wonder why their chief executive can’t close down this illegal transport terminal when it is the primary root of all the traffic problems in Muntinlupa?

My mole who works and lives a few meters away from the terminal said the area is protected by certain city officials who get grease money or “lagay” or “butaw” every week from transport operators using the terminal.

A certain “Salvador” is said to be the one who picks up the protection money from the terminal every week and delivers it to certain people at city hall and to some police officers, according to my source.

My mole said the money involved is no measly change.

Alias “Salvador” is usually seen leaving the terminal with a shopping bag in hand, believed to contain at least several bundles of one thousand peso bills.

Mayor Fresnedi has a lot of explaining to do to his constituents as to why the local government and the police refuse to close down this illegal terminal.

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Courts should review cases of hospital arrests

The courts should thoroughly review petitions for hospital arrests by people facing heinous crimes because this has been a tactic to avoid jail time.

Currently, there are two high profile personalities confined in the hospital instead in an ordinary jail. Former President Arroyo is at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) in Quezon City while Manuel Jimenez Jr., one of the main suspects in the Ruby

Rose Barrameda murder, has been in an executive suite at the Philippine Heart Center since 2009.

Arroyo and Jimenez claim serious medical problems that need utmost medical care. The courts allowed them to stay in the hospital without any timetable or deadline.

Mrs. Arroyo’s confinement at a government hospital is understandable because of her cervical spondylosis.

However, Jimenez has overstayed at the PHC. And the court should seriously look into this.

Jimenez complained of heart problems in 2009. Yet, he has not undergone a heart bypass or an angioplasty. So what is he doing in that hospital?

The answer is simple. This hooligan just wants to escape jail time.

For heaven’s sake, throw Jimenez in jail!


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  1. Mr. Tulfo, if you honestly think the Philippine legal & judiciary system is capable of treating criminals, regardless of wealth and/or political connections, I have a bridge in Quezon City that I want to sell – are you interested? Ferdinand & Imelda Marcos and by association Imee, Bongbong and Irene Marcos were all found guilty of plundering the money of the Filipino people and look at the public offices these crooks now occupy!

  2. Erwin you got it right that Tong collections at Muntinlupa particularly at Zapote Road and inside the Muntinlupa market. This has been happening since the last administration where a tong collector allow jeeps to make a U-turn inside the market that cause traffic then pay it’s tong to a collector. This cause huge traffic outside the public market. This TONG COLLECTION have been happening since Mayors Bunyi, San Pedro and now Mayor Fresnedi.