Music icons rock Globe Samsung Galaxy S4 launch


Music is definitely a life companion. It motivates people, change moods and emotions, and influence behaviors and actions. Music has a way of captivating large audiences and speaking to all kinds of different people, regardless of gender, age, or socio-economic class.

This inspired Globe Telecom to use music as an important element when it launched the newest Samsung Galaxy S4 at the NBC Tent recently and surprised over 400 subscribers with a mini-concert.

With radio DJ Karen Bordador as host, the concert featured four of today’s most admired music icons such as R&B singer Luke Mejares, soul band Freestyle, rock group The Dawn, and rock icon Bamboo. It was a powerhouse cast, and with the performers’ signature songs and timeless hits, subscribers and their companions were taken to music heaven without the need for a ticket or pass.

On top of the free concert, guests were treated to a generous dinner buffet and overflowing drinks as they wait for their turn to claim their new Galaxy baby. Booths also came aplenty for subscribers looking for new phone accessories like cases and protective covers for their newly-purchased, hot-from-the-oven Galaxy S4.

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