Music wish list for 2017



It’s New Year! It’s time for new beginnings and resolutions, which, hopefully will be fulfilled during the year. This goes especially to what people most love—music.

For Music Geek, it’s a wish list for 2017.

More avenues for OPM artists to promote their songs and albums. We hope OPM artists get the exposure they need to promote their new albums especially on TV, and rival networks allow their talents to cross over all in support of the local music industry. Though online media has its own pull, television is still a more powerful medium in the country. In terms of the internet, more sites or apps where they can show heir talents; and in print, more space for our local acts especially in getting their new material out.

Radio stations play more OPM songs. Executive Order 255 by President Corazon Aquino required all radio stations with musical format programs to broadcast at least four OPM compositions every hour, but is not followed especially those playing foreign hits, with their excuse as not within their format.

More people to support OPM including gigs and concerts. Music Geek wishes more people would support our local artists by legally downloading and streaming their songs and albums from platforms like Spinnr, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and VEVO as well as buying their CD albums. Likewise, going to their gigs and concerts will also help the industry, giving what is due to artists and composers who worked so hard to finish a song or an album or mount a gig or a concert. In other countries, especially Japan and Korea, their local music scene is alive and can cross to other countries because they support their own. Government support is also needed.

More original songs. Enough of the revivals. We have lots of talented composers waiting to be tapped for future hit songs. Wish that competitions like Philpop and Himig Handog and workshops like Elements continue to hone and discover local composers.

More foreign artist concerts but tickets should be reasonable. Music Geek has nothing against foreign artists coming here for concerts. It’s actually good for the country when before, foreign artists would only consider countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan as their tour destination. We are thankful that Coldplay will be finally playing here but we hope next time, tickets would not cost an arm or a leg. Concerts can also be used to promote tourism in the country so we hope the government will lower the taxes. Wishing for Adele and U2 to come.

Another OPM artist to break internationally. Hope that an OPM artist would be recognized and have a record that will be released internationally this year. We had Charice before as well as Christian Bautista and Sabrina, who are popular names in Southeast Asia; and Darren Espanto who released his album in Singapore and Korea. Looking forward to seeing another OPM artist make the country proud.

People to patronize musicians based on talent, not on looks. In this era of social media where looks are essential, people should still give importance on what the artist has to offer. Music is still about talent, not appearance.


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