Musical chair saga


    Ideal couple they were, as music was the glue that held them together for years—until the male part of the duo (MPD) seemed to have gone astray. But the female part of the partnership (FPP) was not totally blameless on why the once hot-as-brewed-coffee relationship turned freezing cold.

    “There was a third party involved, but because of nosy tabloid media, the blooming tryst between MPD and another musically inclined female personality [MIFP] was nipped in the bud. It would have been a scandalous affair,” said the informant.

    When the rocky marriage totally collapsed, MPD revealed to close friends that simple things —like toothpaste pressed in the middle instead of the end of the tube and clean clothes mixed with laundry—led to his stress.

    MPD later got involved with a high society figure (HSF) said to be his fan, and in fact was the one who took care of him when he stayed in the West when his career in the country dipped to its lowest because of the split. But the MPD-HSF relationship did not last too.

    FPP now prefers to work behind the spotlight while MPD still hovers the entertainment firmament but has been dislodged from his position by new (not necessarily better) denizens in the scene. HSF meanwhile is now happily in relationship with a former hunky balladeer (FHB) with two kids from a previous marriage, and is based where gamblers of the world frolic no end.


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