• Muslim lawyer group opposes BBL


    “Yes, but no.” This was what Muslim Bar Association of the  Philippines (Musbarap) president Dr. Firdausi I.Y. Abbas told leaders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) on the position of his organization on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

    Abbas, who is the Sultan of Lanao, stated the position of Musbarap to MILF leaders headed by Bangsa Moro Transition Commission (BTC) Chairman Mohagher Iqbal during a dialogue between the MILF and the Muslim lawyer group on Wednesday at the BSA Towers in Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City (Metro Manila).

    Abbas raised opposition, among others, to BBL’s provision on who can be counted as the “Bangsamoro People.” The specific provision states “Those who at the time of conquest and colonization were considered natives or original inhabitants of Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago and its adjacent islands including Palawan and their descendants, whether of mixed or of full blood, shall have the right to identify themselves as Bangsamoro.”

    He explained that based on history, the Muslims in Mindanao were never conquered.

    “In 1936, upon his inauguration as President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon laid down the government’s policy towards Mindanao and Sulu—the Bangsamoro homeland, in his address to the first session of the First National Assembly that the time has come when we should systematically proceed with and bring the colonization and economic development of Mindanao and conserve Mindanao for ourselves and our posterity,” he added.

    The Musbarap president also pointed out the Bangsamoro is a collective people of the Tausugs and Maranaos, and the people in Maguindanao, whose civilization and culture were recognized by other nations long before the great global powers emerged.

    He added the mighty powers of their day, Spain, Great Britain and the United States even entered into treaties with Moro sultans.

    Abbas also said his group opposes a provision in Republic Act No 9054, or the Second Organic Act of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, which was incorporated in the BBL. This is Article X Section 4, or Sources of Shariah Law, which provides that the following are the sources of that law: Al-Quran (The Koran); Al-Sunnah (Prophetic traditions): A-Qiyas (Analogy); and Al-Ijima (Consensus).

    “Among others means, there could be other sources of Shari’ah. A decision of the Supreme Court or an opinion of the President could therefore be also sources of Shari’ah,” he added.

    According to Abbas, Musbarap, which is composed of prominent Muslim lawyers, was never consulted or invited to any conference or meeting on the BBL.

    Can be improved
    Upon hearing the position of Musbarap, former Ambassador Akmad Sakkam, a Tausug from Indanan, Sulu and member of the BTC, made it clear the BBL is not perfect and the new political entity the proposed law creates can still be improved. Also, consultations all over Mindanao and Muslim sectors in the country can be made by the BTC.

    Another member of the commission, an Ulama, also pointed out customs and traditions of a people can also be a source of Shari’ah.

    The other members of Musbarap who attended the dialogue were lawyers Ombra Jainal, secretary general; Dalidig Sumndad, vice-president for International Affairs, and Jamil Matalam, chairman for Region 10. Among the other BTC members who attended were former ambassador Akmad Sakkam, former Rep. Asani Tammang of the 2nd District of Sulo, and lawyer Raisa Jadjurie.


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    1. It is not what you think is better. It is not what you feel is good. but wait, the things you’ve in mind and feelings will draw best results when one considers the unheard.

    2. the BBL is not representing all muslims in mindanao, may be it does the poor MILF members, but not the rich muslims in mindanao. the problem in mindanao is not solely created by non-muslim filipinos. the rich muslims in mindanao have also contributed the problem of the poor filipino muslims in mindanao. in my opinion, the central government must first look to the real root of the problem of the poverty of the many poor filipino muslims in mindanao.

    3. Haroun Bin Omar on

      Why Musbarap was not invited is maybe because nobody has heard of it. I’m a member of IBP Lanao del Sur for six years and I’ve never heard of such organization.

    4. Just like in an examination of matching type, let the ARRM and the BBL make a matching/comparison, what are the similarities, the differences between the two. ARRM is a well tested in times that it is within the constitution. What are things that could be improved in ARRM from the input of the BBL? Wake our senators and congressmen/women!

    5. Muslims are the follower of Islam faith with prophesies and teaching of the Holy Book Quran that was given to Prophet Mohamed Al Quraish which started in 620 AD , the pilgrimage named HIJIRAH from Makkah to Madinah, It’s the fast growing religion in the world. But sad to say the Islam followers made individual interpretation on the Holy Book that resulted to confusions due to absence of authority in each denominations. Islam estimated to have 76 different denominations that resulted to disunity. There’s no peace in Islamic society inspite of the religious term derived from AS SALAM (peace). In all countries where there’s muslim there will be no peace because all members are leaders. Muslim needs a supreme leader that all muslims will listen to. More prayers needed especially for the muslims in Mindanao where the Tausugs, Maranaos, Alawitte, Hambali, Abu Sayaf, Suluweisi, could not go together.. BBL is just a waste of time, money and Life as there’s no benefit for the generations to come.

    6. Ferdie M. Tampi on

      No laws are perfect including the BBL but the passage of it is crucial to start peace building in the bangsamoro regions.MILF can not guarantee peace but it is important to have them on the side of peace.

    7. It is good that the MUSBARAP has taken a firm position contra the BBL – as it stands. This muslim lawyers’ group is made up of prominent and influential members, some of them members of royalty (like Atty Firdausi Abbas, who is sultan to the Maranaos, like his brother before him , Atty Macapanton Abbas Jr., both of whom graduated from UP College of Law, and who were frequently consulted on the Sabah issue). These are moderate muslim voices that should have been consulted (but never were), and perhaps PNoy’s OPAPP and the MILF could have benefited from their inputs from the very start.
      Now it’s too late, and even other prominent sectors of the muslim community are voicing disapproval of BBL….and this is entirely the fault of Deles and Ferrer: they were too sure of themselves, i think.

      • ricardo manantan on

        friend Langgam yap matching type but there’s more acceptable other than that…BBL is just a complementary to the 1976 Tripoli Agreement which a claimor of every Bangsamoro.. BBL is just an Initial implementation of that 1976 Accord…para di masayang ang time at pera ng taong bayan ng mamayang pinas ; the government peace process may look into these…the ultimate solution to our Mindanao problem..MNLF misuari, Mnlf Sema(council of 15(, Mnlf Mujihab Hasim(Islamic Council Command), Ombra Kato now Sheik Bungos( BIMF-Biff),MILF, and all muslim group claim the said International binding agreement between moro rebels and government of the philippines under the auspicies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperations which the MNLF is a member…as long as the said agreement may not be implemented, there’s no peace in mindano…Organic act, RA# 9054 , and BBL were all initial implementation of the 1976 Tripoli Agreement…tnx..

        REPLY: You’ve mentioned a lot of things but not the 1996 GRP-MNLF peace agreement. witnessed and approved by the OIC and other states. And which caused the amendment of the Philippine Constitution and the creation of the ARMMM. The implementation of the law was nnot perfect. For that nmatter the implementation of ALL laws is not perfect. But why is the ARMM being abolished and replaced by the Bangsamoro? Why6 did PNoy declare ARMM to be a failed experiment? If that is the way to look at it, then also declare the whole Philippines a failed expriment–in fact some called ours a failed state. And let just all Filipinos commit suicide!
        No, the reason the PNoy administration is insisting on the CAB and BBL is because his partners the Malaysians and the Malaysians’ advance team in Mindanao, the MILF, have a deal.

    8. The reason why Musbarap was never invited or consulted in the framing of BBL is that because the government panel do not really understand the whole situation in Mindanao. They believed that the MILF is everything Mindanao.How naive can they get.

    9. Miggy Miguel on

      the mere fact that MUSBARAP was never invited or consulted during the conception of the BBL seems awfully suspect to me.

    10. srap the BBL it will only benefit the terrrorist MILF.Abolish autonomous regions root of the problems.One Country one authority.