Muslims in Philippines slam Israel attacks on Palestine


ZAMBOANGA CITY: More than a thousand Muslims in the southern Philippines marched on Thursday, protesting Israel’s massive military actions against Palestine which had already killed more than 200 innocent civilians, including women and children in what locals branded as barbaric and brutal.

Israel insisted it was targeting Hamas, which it blamed for rocket attacks in recent weeks, but the Palestinian group said it was only retaliating for continued military actions by the Jewish government on civilian targets in Gaza.

“Bangsamoro is Gaza, Gaza is Bangsamoro,” Muslims chanted as they marched around Marawi City in Lanao del Sur.

The marchers protested the Israeli attacks on Gaza and vowed to hold more protests in an effort to bring to the attention of the United Nations and the world the atrocities committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.

The protest was led by Agakhan Sharief, chairman of the Bang–samoro National Movement For Peace and Development. He branded the Israeli attacks on Gaza as “genocide.”

“This is genocide and cruel as children, women and elderly are being targeted by Israel in Gaza and world leaders just let this brutality happen,” he said.

Other carried placards with markings that read: “We are marching For Gaza” and “Down with Israel” and protesters also burned a replica of the Jewish flag.

Hundreds of Muslim students, led by journalist and activist Samira Gutoc, marched to the Dimaporo Gymnasium of the Mindanao State University (MSU) main campus to express their sentiments by urging the Jewish people to end their attacks.

Gutoc said the supposed homeland of the three religion of the books (Judaism, Christianity and Muslims) “that used to live together as one” should not been doing the attacks as the Palestinians are already “suffering” for decades.

Gutoc cited her “best friend,” during her time in Saudi Arabia, a Palestinian who have “no passport, no nationality and no freedom at all.”

She said “justice and peace” should be served to them by concerned authorities.

In Manila, youth group Anakbayan has condemned the atrocities perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian people and expressed support to the struggle of the Palestinians to free themselves from “Zionist occupation and oppression.”

It also condemned the United States (US) for aiding “Israeli Zionist aggression” and blatant pro-Israel bias of the western media.

Vencer Crisostomo, leader of the Anakbayan, strongly criticized western leaders, who were quick to condemn the death of the 3 Israeli teenagers, but remain silent on Israeli atrocities in Palestine.

“In the midst of the Israeli onslaught, US President Barack Obama even stated that Israel has the right to defend itself. US condemnation of the violence perpetrated by Israel is contrary to what the US is doing. The US is a long time ally of Israel, and continues to support Israel’s aggression militarily and financially—US gives $3 billion military aid to Israel annually—The US supplies Israel with in exchange for serving as the extension of US hegemonism and terrorism in the Middle East,” he said.

“We call on all Anakbayan chapters and Filipino youth all over the world to stand with the Palestinian people in their struggle for national liberation and to condemn US-Israel terrorism. We must take to the streets and call for justice and peace. We must protest against the latest and long-standing atrocities committed by the Zionist Israeli regime against the Palestinian people, and the contemptible support given to it by Western governments headed by the Imperialist US,” he added.

Crisostomo said Anakbayan stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom from the “yoke of the US imperialist backed Zionist Israel.”

“The end of the Israeli government’s Zionist policy and the respect for Palestinian’s right to self-determination will foster peaceful co-existence, mutual respect and solidarity between the Israeli and Palestinian people,” he said.

Anakbayan said it will also hold rallies in different parts of the country to protest the continued Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Another group called Bayan also condemned the continuing airstrike of Israeli jets in Gaza and also held a protest in the Philippines. It said the Israeli government’s war against the Palestinians is backed by the US.


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  1. eltee mulawin on

    >>> this Anakbayan is making sawsaw. These group shall focus their energy and time in the Philippines itself. Why you’re not crying and protesting the :
    > those kidnappings in Mindanao done by Abu Sayyaf ?
    > those bombings in Mindanoa done by Abu Sayyaf ?
    > illegal and culpable violation of Constitutional and betrayal of public trust of Nguyngoy Cojuangco-Aquino 3rd ?? Unless these Anakbayan guys are one of the those people benfited in illegal DAP Funds.

  2. eltee mulawin on

    >>> this Anakbayan is making sawsaw. These group shall focus their energy and time in the Philippines itself. Why you’re not crying and protesting the :
    > those kidnappings in Mindanao done by Abu Sayyaf ?
    > those bombings in Mindanoa done by Abu Sayyaf ?
    > illegal and culpable violation of Constitutional and betrayal of public trust of Nguyngoy Cojuangco-Aquino 3rd ?? Unless you these guys one of the those people benfited in illegal DAP Funds.

  3. Eddie de Leon on

    Hamas is always the one that provokes Israel to fire back and search for the terrorists’ who use their fellow Palestinians as shields. Israel has a right to defend its existence against terrorists like the Hamas that became the rulers of the Gaza Strip by force. The real leader of the Palestine Territories or the state of Palestine is the Palestine Authority, which Hamas kicked out from Gaza.
    These Muslim marchers in MIndanao who are shouting Gaza is Bangsamoro are the Hamas-like people who will destroy Mindanao and the Repubic of the Philippines when the Aquino Administration succeeds in giving them their Bangsamoro state.

    • amrie pamaloy on

      Just like the government of the Philippines doing for a decade. They want to get the Mindanao. Mindanao belongs to Muslims. When we fight for our rights then at end we are the one who will called terrorist. Non Muslims are being unfaired to us. We jus have to fightsfr our land.

  4. Israel has ever right to defend her self.This is,after all,God’s chosen people and country.Like it or not.It is what it is. You muslims need to find something else to protest about instead of Israel and of course the United States.After all what is a protest unless the United States is a target.Right? And pamphlets where dropped many hours ahead of time telling people to leave before the attack began.

    • that is a hearsay a hoax made by zionists as God chosen people. before they had that place palestinians already occupied a territory in Canaan and they were called Philistines. what the hamas want is favorable to palestinians which has 10 conditions to ceasefire but instead israel made a ceasefire agreement with egypt not with the hamas but proclaimed they have given hamas a ceasefire, they gave pamphlets but where do you think these poor people will go when all the borders has been closed and barricaded??? the 4 kids that were playing football in an open beach, were there hamas with them making them as a shield? when they bombarded the hospital where there are thousands of civilian palestinians inside, where there hamas? and if a land was taken from you, would you let the illegal settlers and occupiers take your land? thats what israel is doing. the palestinian territory is not the sole territory that israel occupied. they took the Golan Heights in 1967 and that is part of syria before. yesterday they gave the sole license for Genie Energy whose stockholders are Dick Cheney, Jacob Rothschild and and Rupert Murdoch an exclusive rights for oil drill… lets not put our faith, principles in what the mainstream media is telling us. they are controlled by only 13 people in the whole world, same people controlling our money.
      these palestinians are not just being wiped out from our history but the God Chosen people who kill people inorder to impose the NWO are happy to see not just whole arab nations fighting against each other, but christians too. before you condemn the palestinians hear the other side of the story. go out from your box and do research. israel is brainwashed by evil zionists. we are controlled by a few. and some of us settles for what has been passed on to us. the rothschild, a jew, is one of the owners of federal reserve bank that control us.the US and the UN are its lapdogs. we seclude ourselves to what we believe. we dont listen. we dont think. this is the problem of our society. so i hope from this day, you do research. dont argue, just sit back and think why im writing this. this is not enought. i wish i could have more space to write. PEACE NAMASTE <3